Help with sleeplessness

  • Now, without drugs of any kind, I am getting 5-6 hours of sleep per night.

    G.P., Physician, 67

    I had years of vicious insomnia. I would average 1.5 to 2 hours of sleep per night without sleeping pills or alcohol, and 3 hours with. Now, without drugs of any kind, I am getting 5-6 hours of sleep per night. It’s a miracle!

    I think Brain State Technologies® should be in every doctor's office, every school, every prison, jail and juvenile hall, and that every politician on the planet should have a session every 3 months!

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  • Thanks for saving my life

    R.P., 23

    This is what I experienced, and the changes.

    Loneliness, feelings of not belonging, even when I sit with a group. Looking at them as if they are strangers. I used to feel like I’m standing in a room full of people, screaming as loud as I can, but no-one even looks up.

    Now I’m more comfortable with myself. I enjoy being with my friends. Now if I’m with my friends I’m more “awake” to notice when they upset me and I tell them that it’s not on. So I realize and recognize when I’m upset, irritated, or tired.

    I finally sleep at night, YAY. I’ve got more energy to do so much more. I concentrate better. I’m all and all a HAPPY person for the first time in years.

    My great change has got 3 more people to do the training and hopefully a fourth.

    I realize the sessions won’t change what happened in my past, but I do cope better in life, with having faced, dealt and sorted through things in my life.

    Yes, when I get upset, I still shake and cry, but when it happens I go for a walk and 5 minutes later I’m calm and ready to enjoy life.

    Thank you so much for helping me, you cannot believe how much you’ve helped me. Thanks for saving my life. Thanks for making me see some light again.

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  • I highly recommend trying this method


    I have suffered with depression, anxiety and bouts of insomnia for over a decade.  I have sought the help of numerous medical professional throughout the years which began my education with pharmaceuticals.  I have taken Zoloft, Welbutrin, Lyrica, Geodon, Seroquoel, Klonopin, Lunesta, Ambien, and Depakote.  All proving ineffective and at times rendering me feeling completely drug induced.  I found myself “functioning” but not truly “living.” Distressed and frustrated with the entire process, I decided to stop all medications and see how I would do.  Obviously, it didn’t take long for the depression to set in along with the sleepless nights.  So I began taking a low dose of  Welbutrin for the depression and Klonopin to sleep.  Once again I was back on medication and still not feeling the way I thought I should be.  I was still experience severe bouts of sadness, this time they were truly interfering with my ability to be a wife and mother.

    Luckily, I became aware of NeuroTechnologies.  At this point I was willing to listen to any alternative that would help me regain control of my life again that didn’t involve further medications.  The mechanics behind NeuroTechnologies intrigued me!  To actually be able to see what was going on inside my brain and be able to chart and graph my progress was an option far more appealing to me than “just take another pill and let’s see how this one works”.  There was actual science behind this method of recovery, progress that I could see as well as feel.  And feel it I did.  I signed up for 20 sessions and by my 8th I was experiencing a dramatic change in my mood and sleep.

    You know when a protocol is a success when your family comments on how much they see a change in you.  My children commented that since I began my sessions, “Mom is our old mom again; she really likes to spend time with us.  We are actually laughing and having a good time with her again!”  For me that meant the world and has proven to me that NeuroTechnologies is the answer to a prayer that I have been searching for over ten years!

    My experience with the science of NeuroTechnologies and its learned staff has been nothing less than a miracle for me!  I highly recommend trying this method. Your path to a happy, sleep filled life is only sessions away!

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  • Session brought me back to myself

    Journalist & Broadcaster

    I came to Brainwave Optimization dealing with depression which had morphed into a nasty pattern of anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and a feeling of being ‘frozen with fear’.  I came with no expectations and a healthy dose of skepticism.

    I was so pleased with the wise, professional, healing intention I received from the staff, who provided me with a great sense of being nurtured. The expert direction, focus on physical comfort, and guided meditation during my Brainwave Optimization sessions really made each session a pleasure and brought me back to myself.

    I wasn’t sure the ‘technical’ side of the sessions was doing anything, until I had a few sessions where I had physical reactions, and then emotional reactions that, as a seasoned meditator, I know would not have come so quickly without the Brainwave Optimization. I knew something was happening.

    My results? Within the week, I had feelings of ‘spaciousness’ around everything. I have not had a single anxiety attack since. What a gift! I came back to a space of knowing that spaciousness, peace and equanimity is possible, regardless of what is going on in your life.

    I highly recommend this healing modality to anyone in search of healing and reconnecting with yourself.

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  • You have fixed me

    J.P.R., 17

    I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my parents, who recently ventured off America-wards and returned on Christmas Day with one of your machines. I was then instructed that I should give sessions on the machine a try. I have been a rather sickly child for parts of my life- I had malaria five times before my 9th birthday- but mainly the last three years. I contracted glandular fever at the end of 2003 and never really shook it, leading to an immune system that couldn’t really cope with everyday activity. I was also an insomniac of the worst kind, I mean we are talking four hours on an average (good) night and being exhausted and feeling awful all day. My school has tried to fail me-unsuccessfully, thanks to good grades-three years running for poor attendance. Needless to say I wasn’t having much fun and pretty much prepared to try anything.
    And you have fixed me! I sleep. I actually close my eyes and wake up an average of eight hours later. I have been to school every day this term-all four weeks of it. I haven’t caught any of the colds or stomach bugs that went around. I am calmer and I can hold my temper. I would just like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have saved my sanity. You are pure genius. I wanted to proposition you with marriage, but mom says there are laws against that.

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  • Our son’s transformation has affected our family in a very happy and healthy way

    C.E., 16

    My son had Brainwave Optimization in January, 2007 to address daily headaches, poor grades in school and sports performance (something we added at his request). Before Brainwave Optimization, he did not sleep well and would wake up groggy and miserable every morning. He also suffered almost daily from headaches and told us constantly that he hated school.

    After Brainwave Optimization his headaches completely disappeared and his sleep improved significantly. He is definitely not a morning person but he is alert and ready for school every morning. For the first time in several years, he did not receive a failing progress report from his school.

    My husband and I have also noticed some wonderful added benefits. He is much more pleasant and communicative! Our son’s transformation has affected our family in a very happy and healthy way!

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  • It’s like waking up in a new world

    L.E., 52

    I’ve been keeping some notes, and wanted to give you some feedback.  When I left Scottsdale I was not sleeping, heavily into sugar (my addiction) and ruminating about fear-based stuff, but I wasn’t unhappy with the sessions because I was not needing medication for depression.  

    Over the course of the last three weeks I have stopped eating sugar, I’m sleeping, I’m taking better care of myself than I ever have, my habits are no longer based on fear and obsession, my relationships have improved, and I can’t sit down.  There isn’t anything that gets me down, my moods and my self-esteem have evened out completely.  I’ve organized every drawer and closet in my place, and get twice as much done each day as I used to.  I’ve taken up jewelry making, which I love. I’ve even organized the shirts in my closet in rainbow spectrum order.  

    What a joy ride!!  It’s like waking up in a new world.

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    Brain State Technologies  - Scottsdale, Arizona

  • There’s a vast change in him

    T., 20

    After the last time you saw my son, when he was doing so very well, he hit a downer and really battled to come to terms with the world he inhabits - the fashion industry, the financial pressure, personality clashes with his partner...but he came through that remarkably well although at a cost to his already precarious health.

    He had an appointment with a neurologist who passed him on to a specialist physician who diagnosed him as having Grave’s Disease, but the scan proved otherwise.  Nevertheless he prescribed Neomercazole and insisted that T. take the full dose.  Fortunately, T. used his common sense and only took half the dosage but even so his throat closed up, his blood pressure sky-rocketed, he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t keep any food down, he became difficult to live with, his creativity flew out the window, and the Reiter’s Syndrome manifested alarmingly. I investigated the drug on the Web and together with A., we helped T. decide to stop taking it and now we have our him back, with his humour and creativity, warmth and cheerfulness.

    He’s still battling to sleep and food is still a problem.  The other problems are also still there - but there’s a vast change in him:  he’s lost the constant referral to the past; he’s living right in the present moment, choosing to use what time he has left in as positive a way as possible.

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  • Brainwave Optimization has greatly improved my work and home life

    Electronic Applications Engineer

    My daughter was diagnosed with ADD by a physician and was under his care until she became an adult. Friends recommended she try Brainwave Optimization. After the first session I noticed she was calmer and more focused then I had ever seen before in her life. She has commented on how much better she is sleeping even with two toddlers, full time job and college classes. After seeing my daughter’s success I decided I needed go to Brain State Technologies.

    My personal experience with Brainwave Optimization has been outstanding. My focus and ability to recall the word I am looking for is greatly improved. When talking with colleagues and customers I was stumbling to recall simple words and thoughts. Now my thoughts and speech are clear and concise. As an applications engineer I need to stay focused on the project regardless of how often email pops up. Look up procrastination in the dictionary and there was my picture. Now I am able to focus on which email, phone call, office drop-in will require a later time slot and make it happen. Brainwave Optimization has greatly improved my work and home life by reducing the noise that was getting in my way.

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  • The seizures are much shorter and less intense than before Brainwave Optimization

    R.P. & T.P., 38

    Back in 1986 my wife suffered a severe brain injury due to a car accident.  She has had multiple operations on her brain and has been through every known conventional treatment.  While some procedures helped, most did not.  Many treatments also caused other, new problems.

    Since the 80’s, she has had intense, regular seizures which also result in memory loss.  Before Brainwave Optimization, we managed to partially control the seizures through a prescription medication.  But this medication also causes her to have extremely poor physical balance.  As a result of the brain injury, my wife has also had a lot of trouble concentrating and focusing.  On top of that, her vision has been poor since the surgery to replace the shunt in her head (the permanent tube which drains fluids from her brain).  Now about one month after her first Brainwave Optimization session, my wife has her seizures much more under control.  The seizures are much shorter and less intense than before Brainwave Optimization.  Her balance has improved and her memory is better.  She’s also happy her vision has improved a lot.  We plan to continue with sessions to work on enhancing the concentration and focus.  

    Her sleep has improved as well.  And she’s also in a better mood all the time.  As her husband and caregiver, I’m very happy to see these improvements.  While there are still many areas to work on, from the results we have already seen, I am confident that with continued sessions, things are just going to get better and better.  Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to working with you in future.

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