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  • A Mom and Her Boy: A Story of Great Hope

    Written by the Mother of Michael

    There once was a mom and a boy. Her son. Her beautiful baby boy. She was so happy to have him, she cried. He truly was a gift from God.

    As this boy got older, the mom noticed some things. She noticed that he was in ways different. The mom took her son to doctors and specialists. Many, many doctors and specialists. Many, many people had many, many opinions.

    One specialist told the mom that her son would not make it past 6th grade in school because he would be bullied and she would end of removing him. The mom cried. Why would God do this to her beautiful boy?

    Her son was put on medications. Lots of medications. The medications changed. They changed a lot. They boy said, “Mom, I don’t feel so good.” He never really did and the mom cried again.

    The boy went to school and he didn’t leave the 6th grade like the specialist said. The mom smiled. But the school didn’t understand him. They want him to fit in like they told him to fit. He couldn’t. He was so very, very smart. But they couldn’t see it. They saw what he couldn’t do, not what he could do. Or what he did so very, very well. And the boy said, “Mom, I don’t feel good.” And she cried.

    Then one day the mom found a wonderful counselor for the boy.  A wonderful woman who understood that her son was oh so smart. But he did things differently. And she had some different ideas on what might help her son. Things that helped him use his strength, to overcome his weaknesses. Things that helped him to feel good. The mom was so happy.

    The wonderful counselor suggested that the boy go to ‘Brainwave Optimization.’ She said the Schlichtings were wonderful people. She said they too would teach him how to use his strengths to overcome his weaknesses. The mom was cautious.

    The boy went to the Brainwave Optimization Sessions. He actually liked it. When the mom asked him why, he said, “I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel good.” And he did.

    He didn’t need as many medications anymore.  His anxiety was lower. He was relaxed. He could pay attention for longer periods of time.  He could be more independent. He could carry on a conversation that wasn’t just about himself. He helped his mom carry bags of dirt for the garden! He felt good about himself. And his mom cried tears of joy.

    And she thanked God for the kindness and help he gave her son, through two wonderful people named the Schlichtings. The mom and the boy will forever remember the differences these wonderful people  and their wonderful therapy have made. They will forever be “our friends” and the boy will forever be “our Michael.”

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  • Our son’s transformation has affected our family in a very happy and healthy way

    C.E., 16

    My son had Brainwave Optimization in January, 2007 to address daily headaches, poor grades in school and sports performance (something we added at his request). Before Brainwave Optimization, he did not sleep well and would wake up groggy and miserable every morning. He also suffered almost daily from headaches and told us constantly that he hated school.

    After Brainwave Optimization his headaches completely disappeared and his sleep improved significantly. He is definitely not a morning person but he is alert and ready for school every morning. For the first time in several years, he did not receive a failing progress report from his school.

    My husband and I have also noticed some wonderful added benefits. He is much more pleasant and communicative! Our son’s transformation has affected our family in a very happy and healthy way!

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  • Brainwave Optimization has greatly improved my work and home life

    Electronic Applications Engineer

    My daughter was diagnosed with ADD by a physician and was under his care until she became an adult. Friends recommended she try Brainwave Optimization. After the first session I noticed she was calmer and more focused then I had ever seen before in her life. She has commented on how much better she is sleeping even with two toddlers, full time job and college classes. After seeing my daughter’s success I decided I needed go to Brain State Technologies.

    My personal experience with Brainwave Optimization has been outstanding. My focus and ability to recall the word I am looking for is greatly improved. When talking with colleagues and customers I was stumbling to recall simple words and thoughts. Now my thoughts and speech are clear and concise. As an applications engineer I need to stay focused on the project regardless of how often email pops up. Look up procrastination in the dictionary and there was my picture. Now I am able to focus on which email, phone call, office drop-in will require a later time slot and make it happen. Brainwave Optimization has greatly improved my work and home life by reducing the noise that was getting in my way.

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  • This program changed my son’s life


    My 7-year-old son is Autistic and I was not not clear about his problem until he went to Kindergarten (2007).  I chose Brainwave Optimization for him based on some information received from a friend who had used the program.  My son didn’t speak to people or play with children because he didn’t understand what they said.

    When he was evaluated by the school he was talking to himself, walking around the school yard saying things over and over to himself, he couldn’t be still and listen to the teacher, nor could he take instructions - only if he was shown pictures or had an individual sit with him and tell him exactly what he was suppose to do.  

    His entire life changed after Brain State.  He is now in the 1st grade and he is reading quite well, math is exceptional, he now plays with the other children and understands what  they are saying to him and dialogue with complete sentences. He is much calmer, funny and can finish all his homework.  He is an exceptional child and the teacher says he’s helping the children in his class in some subjects.  

    My son changed schools after Kindergarten and the new school read the special IEP’s that were sent with him. They said this must be a mistake because he is nothing like the reports they were forwarded.  

    Great news - after 3 months in the new school (his progress report card parent meeting) he no longer needed the services provide as recommended, he only needed  help in 2 areas: sentence structure and writing.  The school’s Assistant Principal and his 4 teachers agreed he is ready to be in his regular classroom for 90% of the time and tutoring in writing and sentence structure formation would be areas he would need help with. This program changed my son’s life and I think a lot of people can benefit from this program long term.  I hope this will help you and whomever you are thinking about for Brain State.

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  • Brain State Technologies was the answer

    Business Woman

    My journey began when I was twenty-eight when my son was diagnosed with clinical depression.  As a good mother I sought help for him through therapy.  Since then I have continued the journey for myself.  I came across Brain State Technologies in December 2006 when I hit an emotional block.  I entered into a ninety day meditation asking for something I could do in this world that would help not only myself but others.  Brain State Technologies was the answer.

    During my Brainwave Optimization I experienced relief from fear and have become more highly intuitive.  Also, I have some learning disabilities and have opened up to addressing them.  Working with Brain State and a tutor has produced significant improvement.

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  • Young boy dramatically improves in school


    I wanted to give you a update on how my 8 year boy is doing since we completed the 10 Brainwave Optimization sessions. As you know, though very bright, my son was having difficulty in school and his teachers wanted to put him a special class for kids having difficulties.

    Since the Optimization he was re-tested in the areas in which he had tested below grade level last August. He improved in all six areas. Two areas showed notable jumps. He improved a year and a half in reading content understanding and four years in understanding and following directions, neither of which could be explained by his classroom experience this fall.  

    He continues to improve in reading and spelling at a surprising rate and we have seen some improvement in written expression, but it remains an area of concern.

    His vision has improved some, though he still sees triple sometimes. We are practicing bringing the three images together and he is to the point where he can almost achieve that.

    Thanks so much in your wonderful work in helping my beautiful little boy. This is so encouraging.

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  • We also saw drastic changes in my son’s abilities


    Talking about my son before Brainwave Optimization is actually quite difficult for me. It always takes me back to a very difficult and painful period in our life. I had a child who I could not reach no matter how much I loved him and tried to help him. Interacting with him always left me feeling inadequate as a mother and it hurt that my son was not capable of showing affection for me. I had immense feelings of guilt thinking that somehow I might be the reason he was the way that he was. My heart was broken, but we persevered. We tried everything we could to help him and were having some small successes, but I saw a very dark future for my son. Living with the disabilities he had must have been very confusing and frustrating and lonely. He would often react to new situations by completely withdrawing or if he was in a safe enough place exploding in tantrums that were becoming increasingly violent as he grew older. My son was handicapped but mental handicaps are unseen. I felt that I was the only one pushing his “mental wheel chair”. And I was exhausted.
    You can only imagine how many people told us we could change our son by trying this medication or changing his diet or swinging him or hugging him tightly. We always tried the suggestions and hoped. But nothing cured him.
    When we first discovered Brainwave Optimization, I thought it was another “voodoo” therapy. But, what impressed me the most about  brainwave optimization is that we were able to see a visual and real depiction of the abnormalities in my son’s brain. I describe it as being able to see an x-ray of a broken bone. After his treatment the tests showed a marked and different brain. We saw it! Finally someone could give me tangible proof that their treatment worked.
    We also saw drastic changes in my son’s abilities. After only the second day of treatment, I was driving home with my son in the backseat. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw something weird about him. I thought something was wrong and pulled over and really looked at him. I couldn’t place it for a few moments, but finally realized that my son was smiling. I had never really seen my son smile before. It was so rare that when I saw him doing it I thought something was wrong with him. I cried and called my husband. I wish I had a recording of that conversation.
    We try not to look back and stare at the past, but I do want to attest to the fact that we have a very different child after brain state conditioning. I would even go so far as to say we found the cure for apraxia! The world of learning has opened up for him and he has made grade level jumps in every school subject. He has an amazing and endearing personality that we never saw before. Creative and colorful stories flow from him and he has an insatiable desire to build and explore. We cherish every day of cuddles and hugs and jokes and lightness that is our home now. We can’t wait to see what the future is going to bring!

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  • I am off the meds


    The impact of BST on my life has been nothing short of miraculous. 19 years of sobriety in recovery has taught me there are rarely, if any, “quick fixes” when it comes to psychological improvement, but BST has proven that statement wrong. I spent years in counseling and had come a long, long, way on the path of healing, yet some core issues remained that just would not relent. Tendencies toward isolation and lack of true compassion kept me somewhat distant from others. I had been diagnosed years ago with mild clinical depression and ADD and these two albatrosses still hung around my neck to some degree. Medications had greatly reduced my symptoms, but they are not a cure, and the side effects put new and different strains on my personal relationships, especially my marriage. All that changed after BST.

    I’m off the meds, I don’t have the desire to isolate and I feel true compassion for others. BST directly caused my ADD symptoms to recede (even before I stopped the meds) and it caused my depression symptoms to vanish.

    Greatest of all my marriage and my relationship with my children have brought me an incredible new joy. The final blessing is my wife has undergone BST as well. The combined effect of both of us realizing this change is more powerful and anything I could have imagined.

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  • The chatter in my head is quiet

    R.S.,  30  
    Horticultural Artist

    I was in a place of getting into depression “holes” (days of isolation filled with sadness and fear), my emotions were really controlling me, and I was experiencing peaks and valleys. The results from the assessment showed that I had problems overreacting when feeling infringed upon, and asked if I used painkillers, which happened to be my party drug of choice.  

    Halfway through the Brainwave Optimization sessions, my taste for coffee left and my chewing tobacco made me nauseous.  I lost my craving for these two habits. The Brainwave Optimization Sessions exhausted me.  By the last day of sessions, I felt like I was in sixth grade again, laughing and laughing with not a care in the world!  

    For weeks afterwards my mood was stable at a mild, higher level than usual. My relationships actually got better.  My sleep improved as I would wake up rested and I had amazing dreams for two weeks.  Since then, I have chosen to return to coffee and chewing tobacco, so my dreams have moderated.  

    I have adult ADD and was on ADD medication but chose to stop taking the meds before the sessions.  I can focus now and I’m still off the meds four months after my sessions.  I feel that I am the master of my reality for the first time.  The chatter in my head is quiet.  I know in my core that I can choose to be helpful and feel calm whereas before the chatter led me.  The fog has lifted.  It is quiet and clear in my mind.

    I no longer have extreme peaks and valleys.  I now call them undulations.  There’s way more balance in my life and emotional state, and I know that’s not going to go away.

    I get to choose my thoughts and move on, rather than getting stuck in the immediate reaction.  My road rage used to choose me, but now I have a reaction gap of time to make a decision about how to feel and what to do.  Intellectually, I always knew that gap was there, but the subconscious script has been broken, and now I have the chance to choose calmness.  I cannot remember the last time I exploded.

    I’ve done mens’ groups and what we share is what we can recall and then grow to understand.  I could never understand the cause of my depression holes, no matter how much I talked about them!  That’s what I really like about Brainwave Optimization.  You don’t have to reopen wounds to clean them and heal.  And it doesn’t serve me or others to live with some of these problematic issues.

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  • Now we have not just a ray of hope, but a whole sky full

    Male - 9 Years Old

    Dear Lee, I cannot thank you enough for following your calling to create Brain State. I would like to share my experience with you. My son, my husband and I have had 10 sessions each. We had tried many things that we felt God led us to before Brain State. All of them were beneficial. Anyway, through a friend, we found out about Brain State.

    I will focus on Alex since his was the most impressive transformation. Alex has sensory processing issues. He is on the more functional end of the autistic spectrum. He had separation anxiety, no focus, no motivation, very emotional meltdowns when confronting any challenge. He was tested and though he had a very high IQ, but he was functioning on 50 percent working memory.

    He was a very wiggly child. I could not get any work done at all except for schooling because Alex would just quit if I left him alone. He also had a tendency to be very negative – mostly about himself. He had fine motor issues. He really wanted to play the piano, but his hands would not cooperate. He did not sleep well at night. He was afraid of the dark. That was also stressful for us both. My husband and I did not sleep as well as we should have during this time either for obvious reasons.

    Fast forward to Brain State. I got to see Alex change right before my eyes. It was amazing. By the sixth session, Alex would ask questions about the story I was reading to him. By the ninth, I could ask him what I read, and he could tell me what happened in great detail. This was a miracle for us. By the tenth session, he was quiet and as still as could be. He was also much happier. His activity level as far as fidgeting has dramatically decreased.

    I know we have a much brighter future now. He is remembering most of what we study and some things he learned before are coming back. I am not having to remind him to pay attention and keep him on task. What a relief!! He is also a lot more positive now and he no longer looks for me.

    Anyway, we are very grateful to Brain State for giving us a new start. Our family dynamics have also changed because life is not so frustrating now. I have been stressed to the max since I was six-years-old, but I did not realize it until Brain State relieved me of it. How cool it is not to be afraid!! It is a blessing to be able to have some hope, not just a ray of hope, but a whole sky full!! I always knew Alex was an extraordinary kid. Now I am going to be able to find out just how extraordinary he is. Thank you, Jana

    Editor’s note: Alex is playing the piano now and according to his mother “is loving it!” She explains that she didn’t even need to tell the piano teacher about Alex’s sensory processing issues because Alex is doing so well that the information has become irrelevant.

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