Help with lack of focus

  • I hit the bottom of my life

    D.B., 35

    On January 2007 I hit the bottom of my life. After 12 years of drinking and running my own business I just felt I didn’t have any power to continue. I was lucky my sister sent me the BST link.

    I called Paulo on Friday and on Monday morning I was sitting in the perfect chair. I took 13 sessions during the one week I spent in Amsterdam.  After the first session my headache was gone.  My teeth clenching was also gone. I am not drinking for 6 months now.

    The benefits that I noticed were:

    • No headaches (had one for more than 3 months each day)
    • No more drinking
    • Better concentration
    • Better temper, not loosing control or become angry easily
    • Irrational fear is gone

    I’m still smoking but I feel that the urge to smoke is getting less and I’m planning to get in the chair again for more sessions soon.

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    Amsterdam, Netherlands – Alpha-up

  • I was beginning to access the left side of my brain

    D.J., 38
    Massage Therapist

    (D has a genetic condition that effects both short term and long term memory. This testimonial was written for her by her brother)

    Before Brainwave Optimization, I was plagued with an inability to stay focused.  I also had no ability to recall specific information or words.  This disability affected all of the activities in my life, especially my performance in school and my relationships.

     At first I was skeptical because I felt that my condition was permanent.  I had learned to live my entire life with it and I just couldn’t see reversing or fixing something so deeply entrenched in my head with a few sessions.

    The first couple of sessions were challenging for me.  I was left mentally exhausted with a headache.  However, as the sessions went on, each morning when I woke up I began to feel more alert and I felt as if I was in more control of my mind.  People around me told me I was more coherent.  I experienced something I had never felt before; I was beginning to access the left side of my brain.

    The positive impact that Brain State Technologies has had on my life is as follows:

    • I am definitely a lot more alert with a sense of mental clarity
    • My mind is able to find the right words to express my thoughts and I answer questions more freely as well as finish sentences without much effort.
    • My thought process is more uniform, as opposed to random
    • I am able to problem solve using previously learned information
    • The neck and shoulder pain that I have had from and accident 12 years ago has diminished by about 90%”

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  • I believe in the program so much

    Z.D., 36
    Founder: Ahuman Institute / Life Coach

    This process has done the following for me:

    • improved my sleep and increased energy
    • released old sabotaging thought patterns
    • improved the business connections that have come into my life
    • released old emotional patterns that were not serving me
    • I am able to easily recognize thoughts that are not based on reality & shift them to ones that are, we all get confused about experiences we’ve kept alive even though our lives have changed.
    • super charged my focus
    • increased my ability to receive feedback and handle stressful conversations
    • food cravings, alcohol, sugar have been released and I feel I have more choices and it is easy to make new decisions in these areas. I have really shifted my attitudes around what I eat and how I take care of myself.
    • Overall I am thinking different which is changing everything!

    I believe in the program so much that it is required to go through the Brain State program before I let long-term coaching clients work with me. I feel that it gives them a solid foundation to start creating their lives from and it is a waste of their money to work with me without balancing their brains first.

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  • I am so much more at peace

    Dr. B.F., 60
    Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Business Owner

    When I started this process I was not sure what to expect.  I knew from the information that a lot could happen and my expectation was that I would get all that was there for me.  I knew I wanted the area in my brain that was damaged with an old head injury healed.  I knew that I wanted to grow spiritually and develop my healing talents to a greater degree.  What I received was so much more than I could dream.  My asthma is better, I remember to breathe, I am so much more at peace, I am more focused and my memory is better.  I had a knee injury that I did not know that this would help, and I am walking better.  This is the greatest gift I have ever received.  Thanks Raquel!

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  • Brainwave Optimization is nothing short of remarkable

    C.T., 38

    The experience I have received from this “Brainwave Optimization” is nothing short of remarkable. I have on a daily basis, found new strengths of perception, focus, and overall mental clarity and control. These “Awakenings” as I call them are routinely noticed and confirmed to me by friends, business partners, and even the occasional stranger.

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    Brain State Technologies  - Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Upgraded to a new level of understanding and experience

    M.F. & D.F., 50 (Couple)

    A quick hullo from the Isle of Wight and feedback on our BST intensive during the first week in September.

    Since returning from the USA, we have been having the most incredible experiences.  Both D. and I are definitely calmer and more able to focus as well as assimilate information, but the big difference has come in how we are experiencing life around us.  From the internet one amazing piece of information after another has “jumped out” at us.  And each time this information has led to some remarkable change in our daily life.  This in turn has positively impacted on both our children and in turn everything has “upgraded” to a new level of understanding and experience.  Synchronicity is most definitely in operation!  We feel this is directly related to having experienced Brain State Technologies - having facilitated a greater awareness and access to consciousness -  and thus the unquestionable benefits that are part of this awareness.

    Wishing you continued joy and growth in Brain State Technologies!

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    Brain State Technologies  - Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Brainwave Optimization has helped in both my professional and private life

    Aerospace Engineer

    I have always had what I consider a poor memory and frustrations with “finding the right word” in conversations.  To help improve this problem, I went to Brain State Technologies.

    After the first session, I noticed it was easier to focus on specific tasks and had an improvement in my memory recall!  After the first 5 sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my concentration, and a reduced problem with distractions.  I could focus on the task at hand, tune out most of the mental noise of the day’s activities, and complete the tasks in a shorter amount of time, with improved confidence.  Along with this was improved memory recall, and as a result, a reduction in the fumbling frustration of the “finding the right word.”  Brainwave Optimization has helped in both my professional and private life.  I am very happy with the results of my Brainwave Optimization and will continue periodically for “tune-up” visits.

    I look at the fact that I have been working with the same neuro-patterns for a long time.  To improve my mental capabilities, I expect that I would have to modify them or generate new ones. The tune-up sessions will reinforce the positive changes that have developed during the initial sessions.

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  • My life has a whole new meaning


    When I started my Brainwave Optimization, I was skeptical.  I mediate every day and felt pretty “balanced” already.  What I discovered during and after my intensive was amazing!!  My life has a whole new meaning.  I am free of fear and guilt--fear and guilt I didn’t even know I was experiencing.  I am able to think clearer and stay focused.  I have become more efficient and the best part of it all is that I feel--I am no longer numb.  I have a renewed interest in everything in life and have discovered that I do enjoy being alive and I look forward to every new day.

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    Brain State Technologies  - Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Sessions have allowed me to reach a deeper level of relaxation


    The sessions have allowed me to reach a deeper level of relaxation when I meditate. I am also able to think on a higher level and concentrate longer. I also feel that it has helped me to change my old ways of thinking and come to a new way of understanding. Thank you!

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  • I smiled more

    S.K., 39

    How do I begin to thank you for giving me back my life? I have been depressed, in one form or another, for most of my adult life. Years of therapy and antidepressant use have helped at various times, but the underlying feelings of hopelessness and helplessness never really went away. I came to Brain State Technologies as a last resort. My marriage was crumbling and my children avoided telling me anything they thought would upset me. I felt that I lived my life walking on egg shells.

    After the first session, I was feeling more hopeful than I could ever remember feeling. Family and friends started commenting that I seemed different.... I smiled more. After the 7th session I was thinking clearly, focusing on my writing and interacting with my family in a new and healthy way. My husband and I are working at reestablishing the marriage we once had.

    Thank you for giving me a fresh start.

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    Brain State Technologies  - Scottsdale, Arizona