Help with lack of energy

  • My energy level has skyrocketed

    M.B., 55
    Office Manager

    I’m very happy to share my experience with The Optimized Brain. I must admit when I first walked into your office I didn’t know for sure what I was getting into. However, I sensed right off that your heart was sincere and that you are truly trying to help people with whatever their particular needs might be. I was especially impressed with the soothing, calming environment that you provide to put people at ease when entering the unknown. You explained completely and thoroughly what I could possibly expect from each session that was customized for my specific goals and needs.

    Doing 15 sessions in 5 days was a bit exhausting yet exhilarating. The most profound result I have noticed since returning home is that my energy level has skyrocketed.

    A. and I embarked on a cleanse and diet protocol with a dogged determination and commitment level like never before! Before our sessions with you it was always such a struggle with little or no success. I’m excited to report that to date A. has lost 16 pounds and I have lost 12 pounds! At 55 years old I feel like I have my second wind with endless possibilities for the future! I’m anxious to visit you again soon.

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  • I believe in the program so much

    Z.D., 36
    Founder: Ahuman Institute / Life Coach

    This process has done the following for me:

    • improved my sleep and increased energy
    • released old sabotaging thought patterns
    • improved the business connections that have come into my life
    • released old emotional patterns that were not serving me
    • I am able to easily recognize thoughts that are not based on reality & shift them to ones that are, we all get confused about experiences we’ve kept alive even though our lives have changed.
    • super charged my focus
    • increased my ability to receive feedback and handle stressful conversations
    • food cravings, alcohol, sugar have been released and I feel I have more choices and it is easy to make new decisions in these areas. I have really shifted my attitudes around what I eat and how I take care of myself.
    • Overall I am thinking different which is changing everything!

    I believe in the program so much that it is required to go through the Brain State program before I let long-term coaching clients work with me. I feel that it gives them a solid foundation to start creating their lives from and it is a waste of their money to work with me without balancing their brains first.

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  • It is a true miracle.

    I can really think again, meditate, focus, and concentrate. I'm fully IN myself. That's the most important thing, coupled with regaining happiness and the ability to keep my spirits up. Now I feel like I did 10 years ago before the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have lots of energy and I am working out four times a week. I have a libido and feel generally positive about my life and my ability to have stamina. I can see a positive future. I can even drink decaffeinated coffee now. My candida has lessened considerably. I'm still vulnerable to overstimulation (I did a 'Zumba' class that wiped my out for a couple of days) but I recuperate quicker. It is a true miracle.

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  • The frenetic energy I usually carry internally has mellowed out

    I notice that I was mentally exhausted after the first day, as if I had just taken an especially grueling examination. This sensation increased during the second day and I found that my eyes, despite the fact that they were closed for many protocols, felt dry and exhausted, as if I had used them past the point of eyestrain.

    On the third day, although I did not have the same sense of exhaustion, I seemed to be "out of it" in the morning and experiencing a sense of being squeezed by a vise from my diaphragm to my pelvis and by a too-tight collar at the throat in the afternoon. That evening, these sensations seemed to represent decades of suppressing and not expressing my feelings.

    During the second afternoon and periodically over the next two days, I smelled ether. My father was a veterinarian and his animal operations were performed in the basement of our home, where he had an office. Additionally, ether was a smell my nervous system learned about within hours of my birth. I would have died within a few days after birth unless I was operated on within 48 hours. The operation was extensive and long with some doubt I would survive.

    I noted as the week after the intensive progressed that I felt less global anxiety, felt somehow more settled, and filled with more self-confidence and the belief that I could cope with whatever comes along. In addition, the sensation of exhaustion dissipated.

    I can't recall when, but during the intensive session, I experienced tingling and an ache to my eyes and facial bones commensurate with injuries from a mugging. Aches in my lower back, shoulders and neck corresponded to those suffered when I walked into a moving car during a huge fog when I was six years old. During that incident, my clothing got ensnarled in the bumper of a passing car and I was dragged a few blocks. This may have repeated itself when I felt pins and needles in my shoulders and down my left arm. During one set of protocols, there was an ache that grew in intensity in my dominant hand; the sensation was between the first and second fingers and in the webbing between my thumb and index finger. The sensation varied during several protocols and sometimes was faintly echoed in my opposite hand. I know of no previous injuries to my hands.

    Periodic headaches occurred during the intensive week. These seemed to lessen and/or disappear whenever I thought of the mugging. The mugging is an issue that I have long carried with me as it affected my life so severely that things were never quite the same at work and in my personal sense of wellbeing after it happened.

    Listening to the audio CD after the intensive was completed, I began to recall things from my past. For example, I recalled the operation I had at one-day old through sensations, pains, etc. in my pelvic region. Twice I re-experienced the back, shoulder and neck pains of the car dragging. Early in the week after the intensive, I relieved the eye, face and head trauma of the mugging.

    Most prevalent during listening to the CD was a sense of being unable to draw enough air, with the focus being a severe constriction in my throat. The sensation eased and disappeared when I thought of being s"MOTHER"ed into suppressing emotions. At times, after the intensive, when I was listening to my CD for the ten minutes twice daily, my mind wandered or I was distracted by loud traffic sounds nearby my home.

    Five days after the intensive, I notice that I am not so depressed by the silence from family members, which has long disturbed me. In fact, the week after my sessions I had no contact with important persons in my life and it seemed to bother me less than I would have thought.

    I have also found myself doing a recall of traumatic events and it seemed to me that the frequent smell of ether growing up could be attributed to having a tonsillectomy, the animal operations going on in the basement of my family home, the car dragging me and the subsequent medical care, and operation at one day oldthat I needed to live; all of these remembrances felt quite "tender".

    After a flashback to a "smothering" event, I went to a very hurtful event where my grandmother openly said to my mother when I was quite young that maybe I shouldn't have lived as I was so much work because of frequent doctor's visits, daily routines that had to happen for me to maintain health, and the general worry of whether I would be OK as I continued to grow to adulthood. My mother did not respond nor defend that of course she would have taken me problems and all and what an awful thing to say; my mother didn't reply to my grandmother's statement. As this memory again came up, this time I saw the child's throat probably around the age of three being closed by a transparent hand.

    All in all, I am relieved that my mind is less like the energizer bunny spinning round and round with thoughts. The frenetic energy I usually carry internally has mellowed out. I just feel that I can deal with whatever comes my way instead of living in some form of vague dread. Now I have a sense of, "Well, I can do that."

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  • My husband likes how I have reclaimed my life and so do I

    I was very skeptical of Brainwave Optimization, but decided I had nothing to lose. I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years. The pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance was unrelenting. I had been on several medications and I tried acupuncture, but none of these gave me relief.

    By the third day of the Optimization sessions I was sleeping 7 to 8 hours and waking feeling refreshed. My pain level was reduced from my pain scale from 6.5 to 3. I have energy. It is now 4 months after my sessions and I am still enjoying these results. Did it cure my fibromyalgia? No. Did it significantly enhance my life and make managing my fibromyalgia easier? YES! I have enjoyed traveling again, something that wasn't easy to do in the past. I have the energy to volunteer in my community.

    My husband likes how I have reclaimed my life and so do I.

    My four goals were to reduce pain, to reduce anxiety, to be more creative, and to lessen my addiction to sweets.

    I have more than halved my pain levels. The anxiety which I used to call my "bed dread" is a once in a while thing when I have really over done it. My work in my quilt studio has become more fun. Ideas and solutions have been easier to accomplish. My sweet tooth is under control, but when I have the urge to indulge it takes a conscience choice not to do so. Sometimes that is easy and sometimes not.

    When they compared my brain mapping pre and post the differences in the areas of my brain that affect pain and anxiety were greatly improved. I use the CD that was given to me to relax and visualize being pain free, creative, less anxious, and healthy. I use my CD every day.

    I would definitely recommend Brainwave Optimization! My personal experience and the results I have gotten have given me my life back.

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