Help with cognitive video

  • Seven months after her concussion, Leanne learned about Brainwave Optimization

  • Brad Overcame Brain Injury with Brainwave Optimization

    The inspiring story of an athlete who reclaimed his life and his passion after a brain injury threatened to take it all away.

  • Brainwave Optimization helped Lauren with her sleep, feeling anixious and helping her to focus more

    Lauren went to Brain and Life Optimizing in San Clemente, CA an affiliate of Brain State Technologies.

  • Bob brought his son 13 year old son Robert for Brainwave Optimization

    Robert came to Brain State Technologies because he was suffering from an involuntary twitch. His Dad, Bob went through the process as well. Watch to see what improvements Robert has made.

  • Stroke Victim can sing again
  • Allen Barksdale Discusses His Recover from A Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Paige receives help with stuttering

    Paige is a child that suffered from debilitating stuttering. Here she describes how the process of Brainwave Optimization has helped her live a normal life.

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    In this testimonial, a Brain State Technologies client describes how Brainwave Optimization has helped her with a deafness and brain fog.

  • Rob discusses his battle with Parkinson

    Rob discusses his battle with Parkinson's disease and how he has received relief through a breakthrough neuro-technology known as Brainwave Optimization.