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  • My sister would still be lying in a coma if it wasn’t for Lee

    M., 43
    Writer & Mother

    I would just like to write a few words about what has transpired and how incredible the technology is that every one in our local affiliate office holds in their hands.  Five weeks ago I was told by neurologists that my sister would most likely be a vegetable, paralyzed, unable to talk, and unable to recognize any family members.  They said that she would be strapped to a wheel chair for the rest of her life.  They explained that the hemorrhaging that she experienced in her brain had been so severe, that even if she did live, there was no way her brain could recover from the insult of the injury.  They told me that her type of injury was far worse than a direct hit to the head, i.e. a car accident, or the like.  
    Even just two weeks ago in a meeting with the hospital staff they asked my family to question how long we would consider letting my sister live in the condition that she was living.  They truly did not believe any chance of recovery was possible.  
    This whole episode happened to my sister just four days after I returned from my February sessions in Scottsdale.  I sent Lee an email about her brain hemorrhage and subsequent brain surgery, and he told me to contact him when she got out of ICU and that he would assist me.  
    With Lee’s encouragement that this could possibly help my sister, when the medical community had absolutely nothing to offer, I decided to give it a chance.  It was not easy working on my sister while she lies in a coma in a hospital bed, especially as the doctors rolled their eyes at me, but because Lee had an amazing ability to hold the space for me, to give me hope that there was a chance, and believe me, he did not try to sell me the moon, together we worked through the assessment and protocols process over the last five weeks.

    So today I’m up in Seattle with my sister, and she is talking, she recognizes her family members, she appears to have control over all of her limbs. She sat up on the side of the bed for 15 seconds today without assistance, and she can move her head. On Mother’s Day she saw her twins, asked how much they weighed, and asked about a birth mark on one of her babies.  
    I have had numerous staff come up to me and tell me they know this was a result of the Brainwave Optimization.  Many have told me that they will be leaving their field as nurses or technicians to do this work.  They are so thrilled.  
    So, I know I could go on and on about the last 2 1/2 months. But I wanted to recognize Lee for his exceptional vision, courage, commitment, for his true belief in infinite possibilities, for all the time he has given me during a very busy time for him in his business, his confidence, his caring, his insatiable drive to help others, and for the creation of this technology.  My sister would still be lying in a coma if it wasn’t for Lee, and now three little children will soon have their mother home.  Thank you seems so moot. With love and gratitude.

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  • Brainwave Optimization is revolutionary

    S.A., 43
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    I have been interested in neuro feedback training for quite some time.  However, I never followed through with it because it didn’t seem ‘personalized’ enough for me.  Then I found Brain State Technologies.  Their system is unique in that it is specific to my neuro needs and is all about “brain balancing”.  Somewhat skeptical to begin with but my results have been numerous.  The most remarkable one was that I literally saw immediate results…...  As I was coming out of my first session I began my usual routine of mentally preparing myself to drive, I have had an issue with my clarity of vision driving at dusk & night yet when I began to drive I was totally amazed!!!!! My vision had improved drastically and has stayed that way.  Brainwave Optimization is revolutionary. I am thrilled with my results and I highly recommend it. Thanks!

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  • It is a true miracle.

    I can really think again, meditate, focus, and concentrate. I'm fully IN myself. That's the most important thing, coupled with regaining happiness and the ability to keep my spirits up. Now I feel like I did 10 years ago before the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have lots of energy and I am working out four times a week. I have a libido and feel generally positive about my life and my ability to have stamina. I can see a positive future. I can even drink decaffeinated coffee now. My candida has lessened considerably. I'm still vulnerable to overstimulation (I did a 'Zumba' class that wiped my out for a couple of days) but I recuperate quicker. It is a true miracle.

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  • My husband likes how I have reclaimed my life and so do I

    I was very skeptical of Brainwave Optimization, but decided I had nothing to lose. I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years. The pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance was unrelenting. I had been on several medications and I tried acupuncture, but none of these gave me relief.

    By the third day of the Optimization sessions I was sleeping 7 to 8 hours and waking feeling refreshed. My pain level was reduced from my pain scale from 6.5 to 3. I have energy. It is now 4 months after my sessions and I am still enjoying these results. Did it cure my fibromyalgia? No. Did it significantly enhance my life and make managing my fibromyalgia easier? YES! I have enjoyed traveling again, something that wasn't easy to do in the past. I have the energy to volunteer in my community.

    My husband likes how I have reclaimed my life and so do I.

    My four goals were to reduce pain, to reduce anxiety, to be more creative, and to lessen my addiction to sweets.

    I have more than halved my pain levels. The anxiety which I used to call my "bed dread" is a once in a while thing when I have really over done it. My work in my quilt studio has become more fun. Ideas and solutions have been easier to accomplish. My sweet tooth is under control, but when I have the urge to indulge it takes a conscience choice not to do so. Sometimes that is easy and sometimes not.

    When they compared my brain mapping pre and post the differences in the areas of my brain that affect pain and anxiety were greatly improved. I use the CD that was given to me to relax and visualize being pain free, creative, less anxious, and healthy. I use my CD every day.

    I would definitely recommend Brainwave Optimization! My personal experience and the results I have gotten have given me my life back.

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  • It now seems like I am “In Tune.”

    I have wanted to send you a note of thanks and a short testimonial for a long while. The results I have noticed have been wonderful-. My thoughts are much calmer and clearer which is translating to physical relaxation. It now seems like I am “In Tune.” As you know chronic pain has been a big factor in my experience resulting in addictive behaviors and sleep issues- These have largely dissipated. I can now see patterns of reactions; see them for what they are and deal with them in a positive way. (I am also more aware of others patterns too!) I would highly recommend Brainwave Optimization to anyone and am sure you are seeing incredible results from all your clients. Thank you for all your work. You were a pleasure to work with and have a remarkable talent.

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