Help with brain injury

  • I’m feeling confident and inspired

    J.G., 42
    Single Mother / Artist

    I have suffered from seizure disorder stemming from a head injury from when I was 13. After Brainwave Optimization I’m feeling confident, inspired and free of drama!  I now have plenty of focus to pursue my art, set up my business, and make this career change.

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  • I feel more awake

    J.C.N., 33

    I have seen incredible changes in myself.  I had an accident in my head, was hit many times and had severe brain damage.  Have been doing sessions for over a month, and I feel that again I am more who I used to be.  I feel more awake, have recovered more of my short term memory.  I feel also that I have faster reflexes and that my vision has improved.  

    What is most gratifying is seeing that all the people around me are so happy to see me again, returning to the person I always had been. I feel like I’m recovering my life after many months of being away from who I truly am.  Thank you!

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  • Life after a stroke

    J.D., 75

    After a severe stroke I was sleeping no more than a few hours a night, was agitated a lot of the time, and could not read, which I love to do.  After six months of sessions I now sleep eight hours, have no more agitation, and I can even read the newspaper!

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  • The seizures are much shorter and less intense than before Brainwave Optimization

    R.P. & T.P., 38

    Back in 1986 my wife suffered a severe brain injury due to a car accident.  She has had multiple operations on her brain and has been through every known conventional treatment.  While some procedures helped, most did not.  Many treatments also caused other, new problems.

    Since the 80’s, she has had intense, regular seizures which also result in memory loss.  Before Brainwave Optimization, we managed to partially control the seizures through a prescription medication.  But this medication also causes her to have extremely poor physical balance.  As a result of the brain injury, my wife has also had a lot of trouble concentrating and focusing.  On top of that, her vision has been poor since the surgery to replace the shunt in her head (the permanent tube which drains fluids from her brain).  Now about one month after her first Brainwave Optimization session, my wife has her seizures much more under control.  The seizures are much shorter and less intense than before Brainwave Optimization.  Her balance has improved and her memory is better.  She’s also happy her vision has improved a lot.  We plan to continue with sessions to work on enhancing the concentration and focus.  

    Her sleep has improved as well.  And she’s also in a better mood all the time.  As her husband and caregiver, I’m very happy to see these improvements.  While there are still many areas to work on, from the results we have already seen, I am confident that with continued sessions, things are just going to get better and better.  Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to working with you in future.

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  • I am so much more at peace

    Dr. B.F., 60
    Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Business Owner

    When I started this process I was not sure what to expect.  I knew from the information that a lot could happen and my expectation was that I would get all that was there for me.  I knew I wanted the area in my brain that was damaged with an old head injury healed.  I knew that I wanted to grow spiritually and develop my healing talents to a greater degree.  What I received was so much more than I could dream.  My asthma is better, I remember to breathe, I am so much more at peace, I am more focused and my memory is better.  I had a knee injury that I did not know that this would help, and I am walking better.  This is the greatest gift I have ever received.  Thanks Raquel!

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  • I would recommend this to anyone severely damaged by stroke

    Male - 77 Years Old

    I have just completed a 10-day intensive of Brainwave Optimization. I felt much better than before I started. I'm feeling much better physically and my memory is much better, but I noticed the biggest change in my speaking voice- this has improved drastically! I would recommend this to anyone severely damaged by stroke, even though it was eleven years ago in my case.

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