Help with addictive tendencies

  • It gave me a sense of direction in my life I never had before.

    Five days before this client came to us at NeurVana, he was arrested and charged with destruction of private property and assault. He was released under his father’s care and two days after that he exploded again, this time resulting in new charges (assault, threats, and resisting arrest). He spent his 18th birthday in jail. Working with his father and the courts, he was given a conditional release to attend NeurVana’s residential program. Prior to these incidents, the client used substances daily (primarily marijuana) and had great anger, rage, uncontrollable behavior, poor memory, lack of focus and concentration, and learning challenges. 

    David Kenney, M.Ed.
    Executive Director
    NeurVana Recovery and Wellness

    Here is his testimonial:

    While in the NeurVana program I took part in many Brainwave Optimization sessions as well as group therapy talks and a number of one on one life coaching events. I believe in this program and the amazing people who run it one hundred percent. It has helped me in ways I could not imagine possible.

    I will start with how I no longer feel like I cannot control or manage my anger. I would no longer consider myself an angry person. I have been taught many valuable lessons and strategies to help me deal with stress and anger in appropriate manners when these feelings do arise. I feel that I am more conscious of my thoughts and other people’s feelings. I no longer act on my impulses and it is as if there is a pause between my thinking and my action that will follow. I can accurately weigh and make decisions based on my surroundings and I do not let myself get carried away in the moment. I can stop and think before I act and determine if what I am doing or saying or about to do or say is a good idea. In short for the first time in my life it is as though I am truly in control of what I do and where I go and it is an amazing feeling. I have self control and discipline and I respect myself and all those around me.

    I am eager to apply myself in all aspects of life and become an active part of the community. Also I am extremely proud to say that thanks to the program I have rid myself of all unhealthy habits such as smoking. I am happy to say that I am currently and looking forward to living a substance and toxin free lifestyle, as I look and feel healthier than ever before. I feel that no other program could have better prepared me for the life changes I have made, and going to continue to make. I am a healthy young man who loves himself and his community and I only wish to move forward with my life in a positive, productive direction from this point on.

    Some other areas of improvement thanks to the NeurVana program are as listed:

    • I no longer struggle to manage my anger and my emotions. I am a positive influence on everyone around me.
    • I rediscovered my artistic talents and love for drawing.
    • My right eye no longer wanders.
    • I found a deep love of cooking and creating magnificent food in the kitchen with Scott, the chef at NeurVana.
    • My speech has improved.
    • My computing and math skills have improved drastically.
    • Hand eye coordination has noticeably improved in sports and all forms of activity.
    • Physical fitness and strength have improved.
    • Both long term and short term memory improved amazingly.
    • Attention and capacity to learn is noticeably greater.
    • My vision has also improved.

    All these improvements and more are directly in result to the Brainwave Optimization technology. It is such an amazing and revolutionary science that I felt I had to share some of these interesting improvements that I have noticed and continue to notice every day. From my personal experience I believe everyone could benefit from this treatment.

    The greatest thing NeurVana did for me was it gave me a sense of direction in my life I never had before. This program made me realize my full potential and that it is not too late for me. I feel like I see the world in a different way now- the way it should be seen. I am entirely focused on my own life, and there is no room for things that do not serve me anymore. It is as if I am awake and I can really be productive with my time and that’s all I want to do, is succeed.

    The way I feel being home now it is almost unbelievable to me that I could have gone so far astray from these morals and ideals which I always had in me. I have deep and sincere remorse for my actions but they are behind me in the past, and now I can only go forward from here. That is what I have been doing and I will continue to do so.

    NeurVana was, literally speaking, a life changing experience for me. Thanks to Dave and Susan Kenney, the wonderful staff at NeurVana, and the Brainwave Optimization technology I am on the path to success.

    Throughout the entire course of my recovery I felt amazingly productive and learned many organizational skills that I have been applying to my life now here at home. The fact that I have written this letter is another reminder to me of the amount of progress I have made in such a short time. Every day at NeurVana Ifelt like I was a part of something truly effective. I have the highest expectations of myself. I look forward to the rest of my life, living the way I deserve, with a positive outlook and a balanced brain.

    Thank you.

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    NeurVana Recovery and Wellness

  • Its been an extraordinary journey

    F.M., 48
    Software Engineer

    My motivation to do Brainwave Optimization was to get rid of my nicotine addiction, and that is no longer an issue.  Using this technology I discovered how to switch off my thoughts and experience bliss.  That allowed me to tap into my creativity at a whole new level.  Its been an extraordinary journey.

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  • I quit smoking

    V.I., 44
    Insurance Administrator

    I thought I’d write you with an update of how I’m feeling now that it’s been almost a month since the sessions...
    I still haven’t had a drink, though to be honest I feel as though I’m looking forward to an occasional glass of wine with dinner.  We’ll see - I’m going to test the waters in a week or so.  Who knows I may not like it at all!  
    The most incredible difference that the Brainwave Optimization has made in my life is that it has helped me to facilitate major lifestyle changes.  I am doing kundalini yoga most everyday after work and sometimes even before work (if I get up early enough).  I also started a colon & heavy metal cleanse that is going well.  I am feeling pretty exhausted during the day - even though I feel my sleep patterns are better.  I’m not sure what the utter exhaustion is all about...
    Well, I saved the best and most incredible for last... I quit smoking on the 15th.  Today is my 22nd day without a cigarette.  I’m using a very low dosage patch.  I’ve used the patch before, but I always had horrific cravings that were difficult to shake.  After Brain State, quitting smoking has been such a breeze, I can hardly believe it.  I haven’t had a single craving.  Not even one!  The first week, thoughts about smoking would come into my head but then they went out of my head immediately.  They didn’t linger and nag at me.  Basically, I just had to get through the habitual part - after a meal, in the car, etc.  I chewed gum to help.  Now, I rarely have to chew gum and days go by without the thought of a cigarette even entering my field.  It’s truly amazing.  I really attribute it all to Brain State.  I’ve never heard of anyone else having such an easy time of it.  And I really know that I’m done with smoking.  It’s wonderful.
    Other than all the above, my life feels pretty normal.   Well who knows, it hasn’t even been a month - I think you said that I’d see changes occurring for the first 2 months.   I must admit, I do actually miss the sessions and the euphoric feeling that I had during that week!   

    I really can’t thank you enough, I feel very blessed to have been able to experience this.

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  • He no longer felt cravings for the drug


    I am happy to report to you that after five sessions, my client who has been very addicted to crack/meth told me he no longer felt cravings for the drug.  He also is sleeping quite a bit.  He told me after he left my office at 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday, he went back to his hotel and slept until 9:00 in the morning.

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  • I still do not have any urges to use drugs

    E.E., 42
    Warehouse Manager

    Before I started Brainwave Optimization training I was not sleeping well, I was depressed and just did not feel good about life in general.  I have been battling drug addiction and depression for the past 20 years and was just plain tired of it all.

    I was sleeping better after my first session and after six sessions I felt the depression lift and it has not returned.  I have gone through 13 sessions and plan on coming back every year or so.

    It has been 11 months since I started with Brainwave Optimization and I still do not have any urges to use drugs and life is better than ever.  I give a strong recommendation to anyone facing recovery to try Brainwave Optimization.

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  • I got addicted to heroin; I lost my wife, my job, my house


    I have suffered with addiction for 15 years.  I started with alcohol and from there did everything I could get my hands on.  Five years ago, I got addicted to heroin; I lost my wife, my job, my house. I didn’t think anything could every really help me.  I got on methodone and from there moved to suboxone.  But still I was suffering so much from guilt, regret, anxiety, depression.  I just thought it would be something I would always live with.  When I first got Brainwave Optimization, I couldn’t believe it.  There was hope coming alive in me.  Hope that I had not felt since I was a kid.  I still have a long journey ahead of me but I am not afraid anymore.  My technologists were so patient and kind.  They made me feel special. ven though I thought I was not worth anything, they made me feel worthy and now I think I may have a good life after all.

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  • I know that Brain State Technologies works. I have experienced it.


    I am writing this letter with hope. I know there is a better way to live a life. I have lived a life buried in drugs (marijuana). I lived this life for 5 years. I remember when I was high I would always think “I’ll live a sober life in the future”. I said this to myself for probably four out of the five years that I was abusing marijuana. Using marijuana put a cap on my potential as a person. I did not care about my life or my future; I just wanted to get high. I lost friends. I never allowed myself as a teenager to have a relationship with my parents. I as a person didn’t even know what I wanted for my self. I was lost.

    There was a point when I hit rock bottom and threw my hands up to surrender. I had thoughts about changing my life the whole time I was abusing; the truth is that I didn’t know where to start. I was scared; I had to admit things to myself that I had been hiding from other people my whole life. I met Cherylee about a year ago. I wanted to stop abusing marijuana so I jumped right into Brainwave Optimization. I think I was smoking pot on a Monday and by Thursday or Friday I was sitting in a chair and having Brainwave Optimization. I did not know what I wanted, I felt as if I was not worth setting goals. I had intensive Brainwave Optimization.  It lasted about ten days. I can truly say that during the time of Brainwave Optimization I did have strong urges to smoke.  I did smoke once and talked to my Technologist about it. As a person she made me feel that it was ok that I had slipped. I felt no judgment from her. I would say that is one of her talents - talking with people about their past and having the person telling the story feel that it was ok to have been down that road. After talking about smoking with a real person - a grown up - I felt that I really did not like getting high and I was masking a pain that was deeper than my marijuana habit.

    I am writing this letter eight months after completing Brainwave Optimization. I have changed my life. There is a funny saying “a person only notices pain while it is present, once it dissolves it is hard to remember when exactly it left the body.” It is such a humbling experience to have been through the drug world, and to be able to announce to ones self that I survived my own mistakes. I am a better person now. I know what I want.  I have reached goals and felt the sense of accomplishment. My life now is much harder, because I have a choice. I as a person have made the choice to live my life sober to be free from drugs and alcohol.

    Brain State Technologies is a blessing. Healing is just around the corner. First a person has to be willing to admit they have a problem and surrender to the change. Changes will occur with Brain State Technologies.  The feelings I have had in my body are incomparable to the drugs. Drugs are drowning; life is uplifting and should be filled with memorable actions and a sense of belonging. It is my testimony to you that if you want a change, Brain State is available to you. You have to believe in your self to change your life. I know that Brain State Technologies works.  I have experienced it.

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  • The sky is the limit and possibilities are endless


    “With the help of group therapy, I learned that I have a disease. To arrest this disease, I have to stay clean from drugs and alcohol. I prayed on a daily basis that I could gain some acceptance that a happy life does not consist of cheap pleasures and a quick fix. This new way of life was given to me as a second chance. I was previously in critical condition. I tried to take my own life as I couldn’t take the pain of heroin withdrawals. I took a bottle of blood pressure medication hoping that it would do the job. I gave up on life and couldn’t find a reason to live anymore.  In fear that I would not die from overdose, I severed my left radial vein and right brachial artery. I suffered from brain injury due to lack of oxygen and lost 3/4 of total blood volume.  Flat lining twice and for a period of fourteen minutes, my brain received no oxygen. There was little hope for a life without mechanical ventilation or a response to any stimuli.

     Miraculously, I was weaned off of a ventilator and began to respond to commands such as “blink twice for ‘yes’”, wiggle your toes”, “Squeeze my hand”. Shortly after, I was wheelchair bound working on speech and occupational therapy. A month later, I was walking with a cane for the assistance of my left side. Due to dysphasia, my speech was muffled and slow. I had swallow precautions due to the risk of choking on my own saliva my peripheral vision was poor and my depth perception was two dimensional. It was frustrating to get dressed every day. Writing was a challenge because I lost the dexterity in my fingers. A cognitive skills test showed a loss in my short term memory.  The chance to regain it was slim. My I.Q remained above normal but I couldn’t bear the fact that I looked and talked like a handicapped person. My dreams of becoming a nurse were crushed. I graduated from nursing school before this incident occurred, but I didn’t think it was a realistic goal to prepare for my state boards. It is, after all, a requirement to have good communication skills, excellent fine motor skills and good memory. Most importantly, I didn’t think pursuing a career in taking care of patients was altruistic for someone with addictive tendencies, like me.

    In addition to the physical and mental disabilities, I had emotional insecurities, as well. I suffered from untreated chronic depression for thirteen years. I would self medicate with any mind altering substances. My whole life consisted of periodic traumas. Both parents were abusive alcoholics and one of them died when I was nineteen. Episodes included bankruptcy, death by suicide, violent street crimes and molestation by a family member. Co-dependant relationships and drug use was the way I knew how to cope with my past. Drug use was the only means of comfort I was familiar with, especially when experimenting with needle use. I’ve been told numerous times that my life did resemble the Jerry Springer show, or a soap opera to be polite.

     After I hit rock bottom with a near death experience, my brain was slowly healing. The damage to my hypothalamus started rewiring to other sections of my brain. I got discharged from the hospital with the impression that it takes two years for my brain to fully heal. I started going to support groups for my history of addiction problems and was taking Zoloft for my depression. I thought I was managing until I found myself relapsing continuously and visiting my therapist more frequently.  I was sleeping most of the day and eating to feel any sense of satisfaction. It became so excessive that it was a risk to my overall health. I didn’t want to replace one habit with another. I just wanted to feel right for a change. I knew there was something missing in my body. Vitamins and meditation were just not cutting it. I wanted a sense of control over the way to go about living a happy and healthy life.

    It wasn’t until recently; I took my psychologist’s suggestion to give Brainwave Optimization a try. On 12-17-09 I was scheduled to see if Brainwave Optimization works. I wasn’t going to participate unless I was guaranteed improvement in my motor skills and substance abuse problems, as those were the primary factors to my chronic depression. I was convinced to have this non-invasive procedure performed on me. My father decided to help me come up with the money in these desperate measures.

    After the Optimization, the results were breathtaking.  The improvement in the occipital region of my brain meant my vision became more in sync. It was like comparing my old vision to a box T.V. and my new eye sight to a plasma screen.  I am walking with better gait and balance. I speak more clearly and with more intonation. This means I can swallow without putting myself at risk for choking. I am no longer dehydrated or struggling with low energy. My sleep has improved and my dreams are no longer pertaining to drug use, as they were before. My coordination allows me to run without tripping, play drums with a steady beat and cook without cutting myself, for a change. My dysphasia is gone, allowing me to make facial expressions and be a character again. My memory has improved drastically. I used to forget the water running and leave the stove on all the time. Now I’m studying for my nursing boards and have confidence that I will pass this time around.

    Overall, this procedure gave me results beyond my expectations. It helped me beat my physical and mental disability. My brain tells my body what it needs. No longer do I let my actions condition my brain with the things I know I don’t need. Does my body or my brain still crave stimulants? Honestly, I do think about it but I don’t have a desire to act upon smoking, drinking, drugging or
    fighting with my disease of addiction. Simple sugars and salts, in excess do not agree with my body, in the same way that pessimism does. I just crave what my body needs; fruits vegetables protein, water fresh air and laughter.  It may sound too simple but it was the one thing I had lacking all this time; A partnership between my brain and my body, in complete serenity.

    This experience took place in just six days. This is more improvement than I got in eight months of therapy (physical, occupational, speech and recreational combined). I am truly amazed at the potential my brain had in storage. It would have never been revealed without this radical procedure. As a candidate who underwent twelve sessions’ of Brainwave Optimization, I am confident that there is nothing more evolved than this holistic approach to recovery. I cannot explain the gratitude I have toward Lee Gerdes for such a phenomenal invention. Thanks to Neuro Fitness Center, Art and David McCullar, for performing the sessions on me. Last but not least, I thank my psychologist, Jeff Lucas, for recommending this to me. I wouldn’t have the trust in anyone but the person whom I confide in the most. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have any knowledge that Brainwave Optimization even existed. All of you proved to me that the sky is the limit and possibilities are endless.

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    NeuroFitness Center - Farmington Hills, MI

  • I no longer suffer from addictions and my depression is gone


    When I arrived, I was a complete mess. My life was overrun by addiction, depression and severe anxiety. I could not focus on anything without my mind constantly racing. After 10 sessions, I am no longer struggling with sleep. I can sit and meditate without losing focus, I no longer suffer from addictions and my depression is gone. I have energy throughout the day and I am currently eating less and losing weight. Brainwave Optimization really helped me and I will continue to have sessions.

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  • The cravings disappeared

    P.H., 33

    Five months ago I started my treatment. After 3 days I noticed a huge difference in myself and so did everyone else. The cravings disappeared. I started feeling more in control of myself. I noticed my mind wasn’t so cloudy so I could think a lot clearer. I was calmer; my anxiety attacks were fading away. My multitasking skills came back. I was so excited about all this I have experienced I went to all my friends who did use drugs and told them all about Brainwave Optimization. I was amazed when they were using meth in front of me and I didn’t have one craving to want some. Not one anxiety attack, nothing. I’ve not felt free from addiction since I was 13 years old. This was after only 4 days of Brainwave Optimization. Amazing, huh? I don’t know about you but it takes weeks, even months, to start to progress in kicking the habit let alone to get up and be a productive person at that. It [Brainwave Optimization] is such a positive experience I think. It’s life changing, amazing and works.

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