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  • Now I am able to focus on each task at hand

    M.G., 49
    Military Reservist/Professional  

    My life contains all the normal stressors: bills, house projects, work, spouse, child, family obligations, etc. In addition, I am also an active military reservist and an Iraqi veteran. I have been in the military since 1988, serving on both active duty and reserves. Since returning from Iraq in April 2004, I have been extremely  stressed, hyper-vigilant, anxious and easily set-off into explosive anger. My newfound emotions left my family unhappy, my friends confused, and work questioning my sanity.

    Within the last few months, I knew I was getting closer and closer to a complete stress/anxiety induced breakdown, or explosion, it’s hard to say which way it would go. Work also noticed my increased level of stress and anger, scaring some and causing concern among others.  My mind was in a constant cycle of thoughts coming and going, impossible to sort, categorize or control. It seemed like a hundred little men were all trying to gain my attention by shoving ideas, concepts or tasks to the front of my mind at the same time. Each little man wanted my complete focus, and as the little man gained my focus, another little man would shove him aside, restarting the cycle.

    Now, I am able to focus on each task at hand, and the hundred little men have been replaced by one little man, who only gives me one task at a time. I find I am able to focus clearly, my anger has subsided, and I haven’t verbally attacked anyone. My flashbacks and hyper-vigilance have been reduced to a manageable level. I have stopped drinking massive amounts of coffee every morning replacing it with tea. Although this may seem minor to some, I haven’t missed my morning cup of coffee in years. To stop drinking coffee, simply by choice, seemed impossible prior to “Brainwave Optimization”. I have also reduced or eliminated my nightly alcohol intake. Again, this alcohol reduction is based on my choice, not my past need to slow down the little men in my head or a desire to ward off anxiety induced insomnia.

    Additionally, and perhaps most important, I can focus on my wife and son while we are together. Our family time is not shared with work, Iraq, or that deep, dark place that we don’t want revealed to those we love.

    I truly believe Brainwave Optimization and The Warrior Transition Project have given me back my life.

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  • This was just the beginning


    I learned about Brain State Technologies in Chiang Mai, Thailand, when I was visiting friends. I had recently lost weight and they asked me how. I told then that each time I felt stress and noticed I was reaching for food I stopped my hand- pulled it back and exuded joy at the choice. They laughed and said- well then you will love Brain State Technologies. A friend showed me an interview with Lee and I was fascinated.

    Recently I decided to split my time between Nepal and Palo Alto, where I also live now. During that time I was lucky to be able to attend Tenga Rinpoche’s spring teachings for a week. At that time, after years of passing up the opportunity, I took refuge. During the spring I read several books on Tibetan Buddhism for westerners. They were helpful.

    I’m a poor meditator and have made little progress on that front in my life, but tried every morning for at least 20 mins for at least a few months with no results. Basically, I had little preparation for what was allowed. I have had visions, dreams, and experiences before in my life that felt strong, different then the usual. A friend’s wife and shaman, assisted some of these experiences. I am naturally creative and it comes easily and instantly.

    When I arrived back here in July I called your offices and was assured that the local provider was well trained. So I went to Ann Vogel. She was wonderful and put me through 2 alpha programs and then said I needed another program- the ATG. I didn’t understand what she was doing but it all sounded nice to try. And it was.

    My expectations were set at relief from mild depression (along with a shopping list of afflictions)- I realized I was a creative addict- that I could just continue creating to stay away from the depression that followed. I had equated the execution of the ideas, the drudgery of parts of the execution, to be what I wanted to avoid, but it was understanding that the two came at the same time and my brain associated, coupled, them as the same. I’m quite capable of doing that work, but the resistance is like trying to herd cats. So my creative efforts were undermined by my inability to do the day to day, or eventually oversee the people charged with doing the day to day. I would rather go off and continue to create, poetry, art, more businesses- I’ll study anything. This is a process of many years and I have had success in the past. And if the success didn’t end with a sellout, then I would just walk away and do something else!

    I did put down the “oneness” on my shopping list, as per Lee’s interview, but didn’t expect that it would be delivered.

    On the second day Ann put me on an ATG protocol and I had a series of visions that amounted to a step by step revealing- as though taking a baby by the hand and teaching it to walk. I was showed the nature of things and was able to experiment to learn about what I saw. The beauty was unspeakable. Most of that happened during the ATG and AT1. On the 29-step meditation I went down and saw and felt what was there. I was able every time to walk down slowly pause and experience, visions and light and overwhelming joy and love and walk back up and give thanks and rejoice. It was natural to time this perfectly. At the beginning there was a “down” that later gave way to other properties of phenomena being revealed, these were very intense realizations, and ending in nothingness. And then the product of nothingness. And still I could be in time in the running of the protocol- counting in the nothingness of no time.

    It is so much to digest. When I left Ann’s office toward the last few sessions I could watch a thought come and see the resulting emotion, feel the chemical reaction in my body. Time had changed- became more flexible. When home cooking I could see something falling, rice to the floor, and it slowed. This was just the beginning.

    I didn’t want to talk to anyone until I understood better the magnitude of this awareness. I took out one of a few books I had with me that was Tibetan Buddhism, hoping I could get more answers. It was a book I had purchased over 7 years ago and was unable to read finding that it was strange and impossible to follow. This time I could read it and the book laid out piece by piece what I had understood in by experience. The book turned out to be one of the root texts that come with a warning as it belonging to atiyoga. It is a direct transmission from a Dzogchhen master. Again, there are no words to thank you.


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  • A new life with Brainwave Optimization after ADD

    My History:

    Anxiety, stress and brain fog have always been with me. I have NEVER been able to follow teachers/professors during lectures in my life. This has happened regardless of the difficulty of the subject matter being taught. When I am talking to somebody about something very mundane (say the weather, or plans for dining together and what we would be cooking), I miss about 30-70 percent of the information, sometimes even more. If you were to verbally ask me a question that extends for more than 15 seconds, I will not be able to follow your question because my attention span is less than 15 seconds. I used to meditate and time myself in an effort to focus for 60 seconds but I never succeeded. The fact that I did get through an engineering degree with a decent grade is one of the wonders of the world, hands down. I have not come across anybody in my circle who is as messed up in the brain as myself. This all has led to immense ADD induced stress and depression in my life and I was on the verge of breakdown. Burying my head in the sand could not help anymore. Nothing was working. I was losing control over myself. I could be okay now and in five minutes I could suddenly get so angry I could shatter a television. Yes, I was headed for breakdown. Every ADHD guy walking out there who wants to achieve something in life is a time bomb. He will explode one day out of frustration. I had to do something decisive and I am glad I took the initiative to go for Brainwave Optimization.I plan to complete 15 sessions over a period of 11 days in Amsterdam, thanks to Paulo and his kindness.

    The Effects:

    After just 5 sessions I feel positively surreal. I am not sure how well you will be able to get into my head and see the world through my eyes, but you can try. Before I started Brainwave Optimization, I was a different person. The effects of BST have been nothing short of profound. If these effects are permanent, my life has already taken a rebirth. I am different now. I feel differently. I think differently. I act different. My friend with whom I have been staying in Amsterdam has also noticed the difference in my behaviour pattern and commented on it. Yes, a new life, a better one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The first session itself was a breakthrough. I walked out of the first session in the new district of Amsterdam adorned by posh office buildings and cool metroways and felt like I have never felt in my life, at least in a long,long time. It was like living in an alert and meditative state. (And it is right now. As I write this, I am absolutely relaxed, blissful and focused.) The effects were deep. Depression, anxiety, fear, worry, anger- my mind refused to identify these terms.

    After the subsequent sessions, the results plateaued and were much more subtle. I completed the fifth session today. It has been pretty intense for the brain, so much so that I experienced fatigue yesterday. I was able to eliminate this fatigue by taking a lot of fish oil capsules as recommended. I got the feeling that it is very important to eat very good and well balanced food during the sessions and maintain a healthy routine to optimize the results.

    I have indeed extended my attention span. I can read better and perform mathematical calculations in the head better than I used to be able to do. As already mentioned I am no longer depressed, worried, or anxious. I am more alert and focused. My attention span needs more working on and I am sure it can get only better with the upcoming sessions. Going to BST has been like rebooting my system. The effect has been physical, I feel the brain getting better nurtured as though it has opened up channels to feed itself with more blood and nutrition. Otherwise, I used to feel empty and fatigued deep inside the brain. I had to keep the brain on a nutritional high to allow it to function normally. This was of course a lot of work and was dragging my life down. I'm not a neuroscientist and don't understand the process very much, I must admit, but it seems to work.

    Before my sessions I had to work hard to eat the right kinds of food to make sure my brain was functional. I was showing tell tale signs of Alzheimer’s- I swear to God this disease was on the destiny card of my life. Living a normal life was challenging and my life and aspirations were in serious jeopardy. Now, my tolerance for conventional food has spiked. I used to get constipated if I ate cheese and white bread and it hurt deep inside my stomach(I’ve got issues in there as well). My stomach felt weak and very irritable, but this irritability has been eliminated after the sessions. My tolerance for the kind of eating habits and foods that devastated me has increased. I have been eating heavy oily dinners and not even getting a belch in the morning. Normally this kind food would have wreaked havoc in me and I would not have managed to sleep throughout the night. My digestive system has definitely been boosted. I had this backpain that seems to have vanished after the sessions. My right eye vision was a little blurry and this seems to have cleared up as well. My voice is clearer, louder, and more precise. My speech and general linguistic abilities have also gotten better. I used to stop in the middle of a sentence to find words to say but now my sentences just kind of flow smoothly. My typing has also gotten more precise and faster I guess. It is as though the brain is revisiting the body on a different level. I was swimming butterfly on the weekend after BST sessions and I could feel I was doing better at this stroke. My body was more in tune with the mind and its instructions. I could swim better technically. I can also run better and longer because the anxiety is nonexistent, and I am simply enjoying the act of running.

    After 15 sessions:

    After 15 sessions, ironically I feel a little more anxious than I did after the first 4 sessions, which were intensive. There has been a slight return in my anxiety level. Maybe this has to do with the way I chose to distribute my sessions. The return of the anxiety started on the third day when I chose to do only one session because of the brain fatigue I experienced on the previous day. Now I realized I should have continued with 2 sessions intensive per day, eaten better food, and done more exercise to deal with the fatigue instead.

    I think this return of anxiety also has to do with the environment I am living in. I am doing pretty much nothing right now. I realize the machine has done its best and now it is my responsibility to keep myself in balance. As I write this, I am not anxious at all because my mind is actively engaged in this act. If I sit around doing nothing that engages my mind, it is possible that my anxiety might return a little bit.

    The BST sessions have been my saviour I must admit. I have gained inner peace and the confidence to be able to move on with my life and face new challenges. This sense of inner peace is absolutely divine for someone like myself who's been under constant anxiety for at least the last 5 years. It may or may not be a panacea to all psychological problems, but it certainly is a huge helper.

    I just finished my 15 sessions yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing how I fare in the next upcoming months, whether or not the results will stick or even get better or worse for that matter. And I feel lucky that such a non invasive technology is among us and I had the intelligence to tap into it. My heartfelt regards go out for those who have been struggling with broken minds. I hope BST gains a much wider market in the coming years, making it more accessible to those who are not so financially privileged.

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    Amsterdam, Netherlands – Alpha-up

  • After 50 plus years I have finally found peace, harmony, and a sense of well being.

    Jane K.

    I wanted to thank you and Brain State Technologies.

    I have to say that BST has been a life changing experience for me and I am so very,very grateful that after 50 plus years I have finally found peace, harmony, and a sense of well being. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, so honestly I did not think anything like BST was a reality or even a possibility. I was completely 100% wrong in my assumption of BST.

    Ever since I can remember I have always had this feeling of abandonment in my everyday relationships with friends, family, and even my husband. I was adopted atbirth by a loving Mom and Dad but it just never felt quite right.I know that most adopted children face the same issue of feeling abandoned.

    This is just the beginning of my story, as I was a victim of a violent crime in 2006 and had not recovered even though I was seeing a therapist twice weekly and a psychiatrist on a monthly basis for medications. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression,and anxiety. I hadpanic attacks and insomnia. I have had depression to some degree throughout my life but it was exacerbated by this trauma in 2006.

    In July of 2010, I was introduced to BST by a friend who told me about a friend of his who had returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD and could not function in his daily activities.He had Brainwave Optimization and finished without any signs or symptoms PTSD.

    So I thought "Why Not?" since nothing else was helping me. I was desperate to find some help I just could not keep going on feeling this way.

    After my first complimentary brain mapping session my technologist told me that deep in my core, since childhood, I had a fear of abandonment!!! I had not told my technologists anything about this.

    I began my sessions the very next day, and just three days after I started I slept 12 hours without any sleep medications!! I thought I was going to have to be on sleeping pills for the rest of my life.  Not so- I sleep every night straight through and I am thrilled.

    My sense of abandonment is gone. My depression has lifted. I haven't had any panic attacks and I have no anxiety at all.

    I feel myself changing everyday. I am now making much healthier choices about the food I eat and the way I interact with people in my daily life. I now look forward to every day and feel very blessed to have found BST. I feel in control of my life and my choices, something I never sensed before. Friends and family have all noticed the change in me. Even my therapist was shocked to see the "new me". BST has given me, for the first time in my life, a sense of harmony and peace.I feel like I am on a journey of self-discovery and it feels wonderful.

    I used to love to go gambling and play the slot machines(it just put me in a place where I did not think about my life). I have no desire to go gambling, doesn't even sound like fun to me anymore. Unbelievable!!

    This horrible trauma that had been deeply imprinted in my brain is gone. My hope is for anyone who is struggling with trauma,addictions,depression, or PTSD that they are fortunate enough to find BST. It has changed my life and it feels great to be alive!!

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  • I.A., 46

    “I have had an issue of depression, anxiety, emotional overreactions to unfairness and being stuck in the past with regrets and sadness having overwhelming presence in my daily life. I was pathetically disabled in being punctual because, most of the time, I could not leave the house before it would be clear I would be on the late side. I have had Brainwave Optimization for 15 sessions, which provided my transformation into being a calm, lighter person. I no longer carry too much anger in me. If I get upset about something it does not stay with me to ruin the rest of the day anymore. I can clearly detect my ability to recognize my emotions in different situations and most of the time be able to control myself. My son told me that I do not get as angry as I used to, which was very nice to hear. It would have been nice if I had not lost so much precious time to sadness, anger, anxiety and depression while I raised my children. Nevertheless, I am so happy to be able to get rid of that helpless feeling, I have a strong feeling my children and husband benefit from this new state of being and so am I.”

  • B.S., 29, Store Supervisor

    “I am a single mother of three, going to school, in the process of moving to California, and became completely overwhelmed with worry and indecision. After Brainwave Optimization, I can reason on a much more even level and things just seem to come together much more easily and quickly. The doubt and worry have subsided to almost nil, and I feel now that I am in command. Thank you very much.”