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  • Our son’s transformation has affected our family in a very happy and healthy way

    C.E., 16

    My son had Brainwave Optimization in January, 2007 to address daily headaches, poor grades in school and sports performance (something we added at his request). Before Brainwave Optimization, he did not sleep well and would wake up groggy and miserable every morning. He also suffered almost daily from headaches and told us constantly that he hated school.

    After Brainwave Optimization his headaches completely disappeared and his sleep improved significantly. He is definitely not a morning person but he is alert and ready for school every morning. For the first time in several years, he did not receive a failing progress report from his school.

    My husband and I have also noticed some wonderful added benefits. He is much more pleasant and communicative! Our son’s transformation has affected our family in a very happy and healthy way!

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  • His sales increased significantly, as did his proficiency


    P.W. is a consultant who needed organization, sales capability, and clients. After Brainwave Optimization, his sales increased significantly, as did his proficiency. Clients now benefit from his additional insights, and business has grown to the point where he has found it necessary to add staff. His golf game has also improved.

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    Brain State Technologies  - Scottsdale, Arizona

  • NHL Defenseman Kurt Sauer: ‘This is the power of the brain’

    Kurt Sauer, Phoenix Coyotes defenseman and NHL All-Star, has “gone through the last 20-some months, trying to figure out what is going on.”

    After nearly two years of searching for a solution for headaches, constant pain, lack of energy and sleep problems, Kurt came to Brain State Technologies®. With the help of founder Lee Gerdes, Kurt looked to turn back the clock to a time before he was cross-checked into the boards during a game against the Anaheim Ducks. This destructive hit left Kurt with a severe concussion and whiplash that has prevented him from playing the game he loves.

    “I felt like I had a knife in the back of my shoulder blade; tingling made a line across the top of my head. There was a throbbing pain in my temples on both sides and then my vision went off. For two more weeks, I tried to play hockey. It didn’t work. I wasn’t doing well. Basically, I pulled the plug on myself after I tried to do a conditioning drill and it made me dizzy where I had the spins.”

    Kurt has seen doctors specializing in the neck, spine and brain. According to Kurt, no one has been able to make a clear diagnosis.

    “We’ve basically went through the last 20-some months, trying to figure out what is going on. Not one symptom has gotten better or disappeared. I did the medical. I went through the doctors. I went through vestibular. I went through physical therapy for my neck. I went through chiropractors, acupuncturists, doctors; multiple, MRIs, the whole works. Nothing yet has worked, so when I heard about Brainwave Optimization™, I was ready to learn more.”

    After his first series of sessions, Kurt was sleeping better, his headaches were improved, and he had more energy.

    “The technology is phenomenal. The biggest change for me is waking up in the morning. I have way less of a headache; a lot less – where now it’s easy to wake up. I even got to play football yesterday with my little boys and I didn’t feel like it knocked me out at all. That was the a first time in two years so that was great.”

  • NFL Standout Seth Joyner: ‘The brain is the master key’

    Seth Joyner, former Arizona Cardinals linebacker and Super Bowl XXXIII winner, has always understood that “the brain will direct the body to do what it already knows how to do.”

    After years of doling out powerhouse tackles, sizzling sacks and taking his own hits, Joyner was curious about the effect  on his brain. He came to Brain State Technologies to work directly with founder Lee Gerdes. Together, they monitored and measured Seth’s brainwave patterns to identify areas where balance, harmony and resilience could be improved. After several sessions, Seth noticed improvements in his sleep, clarity of thought, speed, strength and endurance.  

    “Lee Gerdes’ discovery is changing everything we thought we knew about the human brain,” said Joyner. “After experiencing Brainwave Optimization myself, I understand why he believes that the human brain has infinite possibilities. I’m sharing my story because I believe there are so many people who don’t know about this technology and for whom it can have enormous benefit.” Joyner actively advocates that young people, high-performance athletes, and retired players pay attention to what trauma – physical and emotional – can do to their brains and pursue new modalities that can bring the brain back to optimal performance.

    “The Brain is the master key. Because the brain will direct the body to do what it already knows how to do. And as far as sports are concerned, I’ve seen the natural evolution, the growth.

    When I first started playing guys would come to training camp to get into shape. Nowadays if you come into training camp to get into shape you are out of a job. So you are in shape all year round, you’re training all the time. And I feel like the human body, I know the human body has limits you can only go so far.

    So what’s the next frontier? What’s the next level? How do we take performance to the next level? I’m not even talking about performance enhancing drugs. I’m just talking about how do you naturally get your body to supersede what it’s doing now?  And I am thoroughly convinced, it’s all in your head. If you can get this, the minute you can get this balanced up, make the changes here. Then you can make your body do things that you never dreamed it could do.”

    Seth Joyner

    Seth Joyner experienced Brainwave Optimization™ at Brain State Technologies, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

  • X.X., 33, World Class Swimmer & Financial Services Manager

    Help with Sports Performance“X.X. is a world class swimmer and manager of over 150 people in a financial institution. After Brainwave Optimization for 5 sessions, she was able to beat her 30-year best time record, and two days later completed a business plan in hours that would have taken her months to complete previously. “Within the first 5 sessions, I was able to beat my own 30-year best record! The Brainwave Optimization has given me a whole new perspective.”

  • B.N., 53, TV Producer

    “Life is hell, but my golf game isn’t. Thought I’d bring you up to date with what’s happening with my golf game. There must be a long term residual effect from your program. We haven’t seen each other for a few months, but my golf game continues to improve. If memory serves me, when we started my handicap was around a 12. Think it got down to about a 9 at the end of the year. Currently, as of 4/1 it’s at an 8.3, and I expect it to be under an 8 when the new ones come out in May. Hitting the ball great off the tee. Irons are better than they were, and putting has significantly improved. Not missing many short ones, and it’s not unusual for me to make at least one or two 20 footers in a round. I think I’ve only been over 81 twice in about the last 12-15 rounds.

    I’ve noticed that I seem to get “in the zone” more often and stay there longer. About 3 weeks ago, I had a 34 (2 under) on the front 9 at Palm Valley. Then of course I started thinking about the score rather than the next shot and immediately shot a 42 on the back. Still, 76 ain’t bad.”

    “...well, things are looking up! Made an 82 on Sat from 6500 yards on a course I have never played. Front side 39, back 43. Screwed up one hole on the back...took an 8 (ouch!)...made some dumb decisions and went from bad to worse. However, the good news is that in the past, when I've had a hole like that, it bothers me for the next two or three holes and I'll at least bogey or double bogey. This time, it didn't bother me, and I made par on the next three!”