Enhancing Sports Performance

The brain drives the body. A balanced brain is a requirement for optimal performance. Since the brain controls the autonomic nervous system, it regulates heart rate and adrenaline, among many other bodily functions important to good health. Athletes find that when their brain is balanced, they can improve their reaction time, their balance, dexterity, focus, visual acuity, speed, strength and confidence. Optimizing the brain is the new frontier in sports performance, and athletes everywhere – both amateur and professional – are experiencing results. To date, we’ve worked with NASCAR drivers, swimmers, soccer players, football players, rugby players, bodybuilders, weightlifters, MMA fighters, Ironman Triathletes, and baseball players.

Our proprietary protocols have been used with more than 50,000 people – athletes at every level:


“The Brain is the master key. Because the brain will direct the body to do what it already knows how to do. And as far as sports are concerned, I’ve seen the natural evolution, the growth.

So what’s the next frontier? What’s the next level? How do we take performance to the next level? I’m not even talking about performance enhancing drugs. I’m just talking about how do you naturally get your body to supersede what it’s doing now? And I am thoroughly convinced, it’s all in your head. If you can get this, the minute you can get this balanced up, make the changes here. Then you can make your body do things that you never dreamed it could do.”

Seth Joyner, NFL


Femaile Swimmer“Within the first five sessions, I was able to beat my own 30-year best record! Brainwave Optimization has given me a whole new perspective.”

Donna, age 33, world-class competitive swimmer



Soccer Player“I felt a new connection to the left side of my body. It seems now like I have two sides of my body with the same reaction speed. I feel confident kicking the ball with my right foot, but now also just as confident with the left. It’s a greater sense of balance and concentration.” 

Mark, age 35, competitive soccer player


Man With Golf Club“I feel more balanced, more focused and, I have to say, very much more positive. It opened a lot of doors in my brain. Before Brainwave Optimization, I was very insecure. After 10 or 15 sessions, I went to the long-drive championship and won second. I’m gonna’ win next year.” 

J.T., European long drive champion

Golfer Testimonial“I’ve noticed that I seem to get ‘in the zone’ more often and stay there longer. About three weeks ago, I had a 34 (2 under) on the front 9 at Palm Valley. Then of course I started thinking about the score rather than the next shot and immediately shot a 42 on the back. Still, 76 ain’t bad.”

Brian, age 53, serious amateur golfer


Mix Martial Arts“I was going through depression, anxiety, and stress and I found that my sports performance wasn’t at its optimum. A friend introduced me to Brain State Technologies. This technology actually balances the brain; kind of like an athlete would go into the gym to become stronger and improve their performance. This is improving the performance of the brain so that it reacts faster, it’s optimized, and it’s functioning at a higher level.

All I could say was wow. When I get in the cage, it’s not like tunnel vision anymore. I can see the moves two steps ahead. I can see arm bars or I can see leg locks or I can see chokes from where I’ve never seen them before. My perspective has increased and I can see more what I’m doing instead of just doing it. So if a guy throws a punch I can see it coming from a mile away. Read More about Dami

Dami Egbeyemi, professional MMA champion


Martial Artist“I used the Brainwave Optimization for mixed martial arts fights, one at a provincial championship and one at a competition in Costa Rica. Altogether I’ve done between 20 and 25 sessions, and I wouldn’t fight again without using it. It’s phenomenal for stress relief, focus, confidence, and being able to visualize your sport. For me, it’s visualizing the fight, being calm, and managing nerves. I’ve never been so focused as I go into these fights.” Read more about Jeff

Jeff Wiley, professional MMA champion