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Release O.suite SAT v2.0

Brain State Technologies is excited to announce the release of the Session Analysis Tool (SAT) v2.0. This software release provides a number of subtle changes to the analysis of data used to help guide protocol selection from one Brainwave Optimization session to another. In addition, we've extended the range of analysis to include the Central, Parietal, Frontal Poles and Cerebellum areas. We're also including VHF in parts of the analysis. Finally, we've broadened the protocol selection to include more designs, and tuned protocol selection based on input from our founder and CEO, Lee Gerdes, the case management team, and our Brainwave Optimization providers.

This release represents a significant step forward in the refinement of the SAT and lays the groundwork for more exciting changes in the future. We hope that you find the SAT v2.0 valuable as you serve your clients.

Living Consciously-TV - How to Find the Goodness in the Failures of Life

A conscious dialogue with Lee Gerdes the Founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies® and the Living Consciously-TV Cast about how to find the goodness in the failures of life. Streamed live by Conscious Evolution Media on 1/7/2014.

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