Why We're Different

We understand that your investment in Brain State Technologies® is an investment in a whole new way of life. That’s why we’ve developed a turn-key package that enables you to put your focus on providing service to people, not on the details of technology and support. Our tried-and-true package of learning, technology and partnership will allow you to taking care of clients as soon as you are ready. We don’t think you’ll find any other system that matches our completeness or quality.

With the Brain State package, our providers report that they are able to bring the full power of Brainwave Optimization® to their clients from the moment they open their doors.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. A turn-key system and set-up that equips you to begin work immediately.

From an anti-gravity client chair to computer, printer, and proprietary Brainwave Optimization software, you’ll have everything you need to set up and begin work. Our system even provides you with a brain assessment report that will guide you step-by-step through what protocols to use for your client and how to administer them. Included in a Provider Package

2. Proven effectiveness and a dynamic program of research-driven advancements.

Because we are working at the frontiers of knowledge about the human brain, the opportunities to learn and increase effectiveness are endless.

Brain State Technologies® has the largest relational databases of brainwave energy patterns in the world (known today), involving nearly 200 offices worldwide. Nightly system updates result in richer, more precise statistical analysis, research opportunities and continuous software enhancements.

Founder Lee Gerdes and Research Coordinator Sung Lee, MD, work with neuroscientists and other experts across the country to conduct research and contribute to the growing science of neuroplasticity. Our providers are the first to benefit from their work. Client Testimoinals

3. A comprehensive education program with opportunities for ongoing learning.

We’ve set a high bar when it comes to the caliber of our providers. You’ll visit our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, where you’ll engage in intensive instruction. The curriculum includes learning how the brain works, what happens when it doesn’t, and how Brainwave Optimization can balance a brain back into harmony. By the end of the sessions, you’ll have worked with actual clients, completed an exam and return to your home as a certified brainwave technologist. After “graduation”, we continuously share new information, attend CEU webinars and you’ll be invited to attend our annual online Master’s Education where you’ll hear from experts.  Provider Testimonials

4. Unmatched technical support and provider service.

Our team of technical support experts are available via email, phone or through our online Support Portal to help you operate and troubleshoot your hardware and software. No question or concern is too large or too small. You’ll receive software upgrades several times a year and when you need materials or supplies, you’ll receive them quickly. We also have an emergency support system that delivers what you need to keep your operation running in the event of a system failure.

5. Top-of-the line equipment with relentless quality control.

Our equipment is created and calibrated to give you accurate readings and precise output. We test our systems, as will you, with the Intellatune™.  This one-of-a-kind proprietary calibration device increases the precision and accuracy of your data and gives you the peace of mind that you’re providing top level service to the clients you see.

6. Client case management consultation.

Our case management team is available to help you address special issues. Do you have a client who suffers from speech disorders? Is your client unable to kick a smoking habit? Does your teenage client suffer from an inability to focus? Is your client challenged by multiple disorders? Chances are, we’ve handled similar cases. Our specialists will walk with you through your client’s data and help you identify ways you can best evolve their protocol and guide them to balance and harmony.

7. Educational support and marketing resources.

Many of our providers find that one of the greatest benefits of all is becoming part of a community of people who share their passion about the unlimited potential of the human brain and helping others. You’ll become a member of our exclusive provider forum where many committed, practicing brainwave technologists share their successes, challenges, questions, and ideas. Information about your center will be posted on our website, resulting in new clients for you. You’ll have access to our library of videos, articles, brochures, website templates, and client testimonials to help you educate others. Get Started Today