Steps to Becoming a Certified Brain State® Provider

  1. Feed your curiosity.
    Dive in. We want you to read all you can about the brain and how Brainwave Optimization with RTB® (Real Time Balancing) can improve its functioning. Join the Brain State Technologies® Facebook page. You’ll read what others have to say about their experiences.

  2. Ask yourself: Does this feel right for me?
    Becoming a Brain State Technologies certified provider isn’t right for everyone.  Those who decide to become licensed by Brain State Technologies do so first and foremost because they have a passion for helping others. Certainly, all the facts and numbers need to add up, but only after you decide that, yes, this opportunity is right for you. Our providers find they can have both: they can make a living while leading a most satisfying life. Frequently Asked Questions

  3.  Discuss your goals with one of our Licensing Specialists.
    Our Licensing Specialists are committed to listening to your goals and questions so that you can arrive at the decision that is best for you. Sure, we want more people to be educated to share this gift with the world. At the same time, we want people who lead by example. Brain Optimization is a path to happiness. To be a successful brain technologist, you must first believe that this is a path to happiness for you.

  4. Experience brainwave assessment and optimization yourself.
    Explaining how brain opitmization works is a challenge, even for us. We have found that the best way for anyone to understand is to experience it for themselves. Making a commitment to helping people means making a commitment to yourself first. Once you’ve had the experience, you will know that this is something you’ll want to share with others.Client Testimonials

  5. Determine what’s best for you and the people you want to serve.
    Once you decide that you want to bring Brainwave Optimization to others, you will have the ability to create your services in a manner that best fits your interests – and the needs of those you will serve. Our Licensing Specialists will discuss a full range of options with you, helping you decide if you will invest a single system or several. You’ll decide if you will work from home, an office or travel to your clients’ homes. PROVIDER TESTIMONIALS

  6. Make a commitment.
    Once you have all the information you need, you’ll be ready to move ahead.

  7. Come to Scottsdale, AZ and learn.
    Most of our providers are eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work. But, first, there’s a lot to learn. You can choose from either the Online or Residential option for completing the Basic Education curriculum. The online course consists of five units presented online the first four weeks of the program.  After successful completion of the online modules, you will visit the Brain State Technologies headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona for seven days of hands-on learning, including working with clients. The residential option consists of three weeks of instruction at our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona where you will learn everything you need to know to provide service to your clients. Along with others who have a similar passion, drive and hunger to help – You'll learn to understand the brain, Brain State Technologies®’ proprietary methodologies and how to use our systems to help others achieve new levels of balance and harmony.
  8. Celebrate.
    On the last day of class, we celebrate with lunch or dinner. Brain State Technologies Founder Lee Gerdes, Chief Information Officer Peter Gerdes and a number of other Brain State staffers often join in the fun. Students share stories, dreams and ideas – and most often, the relationships and peer support continue long after you return home.

  9. Set up your office. Get the word out. Build relationships.
    You’ll have everything you need to get started. Sometimes, new providers find their calendars full from the time they open their doors. You’ll find that you just can’t help but share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, therapists, physicians, nurses, ministers, educators can become your best ambassadors. Once a few people see results, word travels fast.

  10. Begin work. See clients. Enjoy life.
    “Being a brainwave technologist is an honor. Every week I see people relieved of their pain. Knowing that I can help others enjoy life to the fullest brings me tremendous joy. At the same time, I am making a living and enjoying life in a way I had never imagined.”
       - BST Provider

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