Be a Provider

Join the nearly 200 providers in 18 countries that administer the non-invasive Brainwave Optimization® process to help over 50,000 clients (ages 2-100) with their injuries, afflictions, disorders, and challenges.

Education Courses

The Basic Education Courses prepare compassionate, entrepreneurial people from all walks of life to administer this life-changing modality. Also, many practitioners, such as naturopaths, psychologists, physical therapists, medspa owners, athletic trainers, yoga instructors, life coaches, and healthcare professionals have chosen to add the service to their existing practices as a new profit center.

Turnkey System

The provider program includes all of the hardware, software, furnishings, and other materials needed to begin helping clients right away. In addition, continuing support includes 24/7 technical assistance, case management, marketing resources, and ongoing education.

Scientific Research

The patented balancing process has amassed the largest relational database of brain patterns in the world, and has shown proven results through research programs with accredited institutions and medical physicians.

Brain State Technologies Research

Overall Investment

Each operation is independently owned and licenses the rights to use the software, instruction, and supplies. The system can be purchased or leased to qualified individuals for as low as $10,000.

Getting Started

Interested in learning more? Licensing Specialists are available to explain everything, and can be reached by phone at 480.588.6840 or by email at info @ Or click here to GET STARTED