How We Help

Brainwave Optimization® is a natural method through which impaired brainwave activity is identified and then restored to its optimal ability. This process has helped over 60,000 people worldwide achieve greater brain balance. Improving brain function has shown to help with stress, fatigue, pain, headaches, sleeplessness, addictive dependencies, learning challenges, and cognitive impairment. What Is Brainwave Optimization Video

Our Process

The patented system is non-invasive and requires no medication. Using Brain State Technologies’ proprietary neuro-technology, brain-balancing protocols are administered while the client relaxes in an anti-gravity chair. The process has shown proven results for nearly every client and in research programs with accredited institutions and medical physicians. Brainwave Optimization Process Infographic

Who We Help

Brainwave Optimization has been effective for people of nearly any age, ranging from 2-100+. Click here  to read testimonials offered by those who have experienced and benefited from this new technology.

Getting Started

Interested in learning more? Brainwave Technologists are available to explain everything, please call 480.588.6840 or email info @ or simply fill out the questionnaire below and we will contact you to discuss how we can help you!