Executive Decision Making

Operating in the competitive world of business means that our brain must be firing on all cylinders. When we speak of balancing the brain, we are talking about allowing both the heart and logic needed to execute a task be present in appropriate amounts, given the particular situation. In a balanced brain, feeling and thought match each other, so that the end product of a person’s actions are tailored to both a logical solution, and one everyone can feel good about.


John had a business that was struggling and facing extBusiness Manreme financial hardship. After Brainwave Optimization, he reported increased confidence, creativity, and his improved salesmanship landed him the biggest deal of his career – with Donald Trump himself.

John, age 37, business man


RecruiterWhen I first started Brainwave Optimization I noticed an immediate calming of my mind. I referred to it as a decrease in my overall irascibility factor. Some might describe this as an irritating white noise that is playing (always) in the back of my brain. I would describe this serenity as a radically reduced level of brain white noise resulting in an ability to better see the normal trials, tribulations, and challenges of life in any given day for what they really are.” 

Brian, age 43, recruiter for information technology industry


Commodities Trader“After I started Brainwave Optimization, I was told to expect results within three or four days. As a professional commodities trader, I am always looking for a better edge in the market. Exactly three or four days after I finished my initial sessions, I had a major breakthrough and was able to see the market in a whole new way. The last three months have been the most profitable I have ever had.”

 Sam, commodities trader