Creative Thought and Artistic Skills

From painters to sculptors, from poets to novelists, people who have experienced Brainwave Optimization® find that they get “unstuck” and their ideas begin to flow. When we balance and harmonize our brains, we simply discharge static. The static is the fear that holds us back, the tension that keeps us from relaxing and allowing brain energy to flow freely, the mental fog that causes lack of clarity, the self-doubt that robs us of confidence, and the double-mindedness that splits our focus. As the static drops away, we become clear, intentional and inspired.


Wynonna Judd“Hi, my name’s Wynonna and I am a recovering entertainer.  I’ve had countless therapists. I was always in some kind of process with a teacher saying, ‘We really love Wynonna, but we can’t get her to focus.’ My mom’s book says I was born singing on perfect pitch in search of true harmony and balance, and I think that’s true, but I was also born into chaos.

I spent a lot of my career putting on the brakes to slow things down because I tend to go at it at 100 miles per hour. So I had a real problem with being late. I battled performer’s anxiety. I spent a lot of my career in that mode, wanting to show up and sing the music, but feeling the cost was too great. And here I was at the Grand Ole Opry a couple of weeks ago (after Brainwave Optimization), I showed up early, prepared, calm and open to talking to people, which has never happened. Read More about Wynonna

Wynonna Judd, singer, Nashville, Tennessee


Ellen From Phoenix“I’m a children’s book writer and I was kind of in a block. The creativity that came out of my Brainwave Optimization sessions was amazing. I am now completing my second book that’s going to be published soon. It’s a miraculous book and it will help a lot of children find out who they are and I think it’s a testament to Brainwave Optimization…” Watch Ellen's Video

Ellen, Phoenix, Arizona


A successful ad agency was looking to amp up the creativity of their staff. Brain State Technologies balanced five individuals for nine sessions. The result was a significant increase in new business based on fresh, creative and right-on solutions. The owner reported a real increase, too, in the staff’s ability to work together with efficiency and collaboration.