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The inspiring story of an athlete who reclaimed his life and his passion after a brain injury threatened to take it all away.


Five days before this client came to us at NeurVana, he was arrested and charged with destruction of private property and assault. He was released under his father’s care and two days after that he exploded again, this time resulting in new charges (assault, threats, and resisting arrest). He spent his 18th birthday in jail. Working with his father and the courts, he was given a conditional release to attend NeurVana’s residential program. Prior to these incidents, the client used substances daily (primarily marijuana) and had great anger, rage, uncontrollable behavior, poor memory, lack of focus and concentration, and learning challenges. 

David Kenney, M.Ed.
Executive Director
NeurVana Recovery and Wellness

Here is his testimonial:

While in the NeurVana program I took part in many Brainwave Optimization sessions as well as group therapy talks and a number of one on one life coaching events. I believe in this program and the amazing people who run it one hundred percent. It has helped me in ways I could not imagine possible.

I will start with how I no longer feel like I cannot control or manage my anger. I would no longer consider myself an angry person. I have been taught many valuable lessons and strategies to help me deal with stress and anger in appropriate manners when these feelings do arise. I feel that I am more conscious of my thoughts and other people’s feelings. I no longer act on my impulses and it is as if there is a pause between my thinking and my action that will follow. I can accurately weigh and make decisions based on my surroundings and I do not let myself get carried away in the moment. I can stop and think before I act and determine if what I am doing or saying or about to do or say is a good idea. In short for the first time in my life it is as though I am truly in control of what I do and where I go and it is an amazing feeling. I have self control and discipline and I respect myself and all those around me.

I am eager to apply myself in all aspects of life and become an active part of the community. Also I am extremely proud to say that thanks to the program I have rid myself of all unhealthy habits such as smoking. I am happy to say that I am currently and looking forward to living a substance and toxin free lifestyle, as I look and feel healthier than ever before. I feel that no other program could have better prepared me for the life changes I have made, and going to continue to make. I am a healthy young man who loves himself and his community and I only wish to move forward with my life in a positive, productive direction from this point on.

Some other areas of improvement thanks to the NeurVana program are as listed:

  • I no longer struggle to manage my anger and my emotions. I am a positive influence on everyone around me.
  • I rediscovered my artistic talents and love for drawing.
  • My right eye no longer wanders.
  • I found a deep love of cooking and creating magnificent food in the kitchen with Scott, the chef at NeurVana.
  • My speech has improved.
  • My computing and math skills have improved drastically.
  • Hand eye coordination has noticeably improved in sports and all forms of activity.
  • Physical fitness and strength have improved.
  • Both long term and short term memory improved amazingly.
  • Attention and capacity to learn is noticeably greater.
  • My vision has also improved.

All these improvements and more are directly in result to the Brainwave Optimization technology. It is such an amazing and revolutionary science that I felt I had to share some of these interesting improvements that I have noticed and continue to notice every day. From my personal experience I believe everyone could benefit from this treatment.

The greatest thing NeurVana did for me was it gave me a sense of direction in my life I never had before. This program made me realize my full potential and that it is not too late for me. I feel like I see the world in a different way now- the way it should be seen. I am entirely focused on my own life, and there is no room for things that do not serve me anymore. It is as if I am awake and I can really be productive with my time and that’s all I want to do, is succeed.

The way I feel being home now it is almost unbelievable to me that I could have gone so far astray from these morals and ideals which I always had in me. I have deep and sincere remorse for my actions but they are behind me in the past, and now I can only go forward from here. That is what I have been doing and I will continue to do so.

NeurVana was, literally speaking, a life changing experience for me. Thanks to Dave and Susan Kenney, the wonderful staff at NeurVana, and the Brainwave Optimization technology I am on the path to success.

Throughout the entire course of my recovery I felt amazingly productive and learned many organizational skills that I have been applying to my life now here at home. The fact that I have written this letter is another reminder to me of the amount of progress I have made in such a short time. Every day at NeurVana Ifelt like I was a part of something truly effective. I have the highest expectations of myself. I look forward to the rest of my life, living the way I deserve, with a positive outlook and a balanced brain.

Thank you.

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