It has brought me hope


It has brought me hope

50 Years Old

In 2005, I was diagnosed with an infection in my brain and had been living with what I thought was brain damage from the infection exploding. A close friend said that maybe Brain State Technologies could help me. I had nothing to lose by trying it so I cleared my schedule for two weeks to accommodate ten two hour sessions.

The first thing I noticed was that I slept better. The second thing I noticed was improved mental clarity. I can’t believe the difference. I remember things so much better now. I’m over 50 and thought my brain fog was normal.The brain infection caused a speech impediment that’s gone. I was not able to read aloud or sing and now I can. I have lived with a fear of driving on the freeway all this time and after five sessions that fear was just gone. I am living now in a new reality and I am so very grateful to Mary for her kindness and  Brain State for this new much improved life . . . It has brought me hope.

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