Provider Testimonials

Brain State Technologies® provider centers amount to nearly 200 worldwide and growing all the time. Coming from a diversity of backgrounds, they are bringing Brainwave Optimization® to thousands of people whose lives are changed for the better. Here are some of their stories.


Brad Fehr

BST Certified Provider

" I saw how successful Brainwave Optimization was for me and other I have talked to, so this is the business I needed to get into."


June Argo

BST Certified Provider
San Clemente, California, USA

"Becoming a Brainwave Optimization provider is the best investment I ever made."




Rumi Suzuki

BST Certified Provider
Brain Rescue Japan Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

"I dreamed of helping the people of Japan for stress, and fear, and depression, and disease. It is so effective that I could overcome depression, nightmares, fear, PTSD, smoking. I had been taking a lot of medicine. I am now medicine-free.

My business is very successful. I have clients waiting 13 months [for an appointment]. They are very happy and now I am so happy…"

"Becoming a Brainwave Optimization provider is the best investment I ever made." - BST Provider

"The people at BST are wonderful, wonderful people who answer your questions; who guide you; who really do care about your success and your growth with this remarkable family." - BST Provider

"Becoming a Brainwave Optimization provider has been a wonderful experience. Between my desire to help others and Brain State's desire to help me be successful I was able to assist many people including some that had lost hope. There have been so many positive results from my time with BST. Suffice it to say that this has been, by far, the best investment of my time and money in my life. I am so glad to be a part of such a warm and effective company with such a strong and compassionate leadership." - BST Provider

"I've been working with a client this week whose goals are to manage anxiety, overcome addiction (alcohol) and weight management. Today is her fifth and last day of sessions and she came in this morning and informed me that she has lost 6lbs this week, colors seem more vivid to her, she hasn't been biting her nails at all which is unusual, she's been sleeping better and her blood pressure has dropped a few points. It doesn't get any better than that, does it!!! She is thrilled to say the least. This is what it's all about for me – helping people make changes and improvements so they may lead a happier and more fulfilling life. My thanks to you and BST for all you do!"  - BST Provider

"In March 2005, I faced a fast and dramatic degradation of my health. An MRI revealed a small tumor in my brain stem that threatened my life, dramatically changing it overnight. I was terrified, to say the least. Little did I know then that my health challenge would eventually catapult me into the field of neuroscience. Today, as a Master Level III Certified, Brain State Technologies Affiliate, my full time work revolves around this fascinating, dynamic field.

My first Brain State Technologies intensive series was in August 2006. The benefits were immediate, and undeniable. I wanted more people, particularly my family and friends, to know about this tremendous life-aid. Not only did the technology greatly improve my overall cognitive function, it also aided me in breaking free from environmental and self-imposed limitations of my past. I can say without reservation that Brainwave Optimization played a significant role in my recovery. 

My clients are triumphing over addictions, emotional pain, stress, mood imbalances, anxiety, sleeplessness, and challenges to learning and performance. My level of experience, combined with today's neuroscience theories, enables me to design pointed personal plans for all my clients.”
- BST Provider