Slowing the Aging Process

The brain is master control, controlling everything we think, feel and do by controlling the autonomic nervous system. When this system operates at its prime, the body’s functions are working at their best tempo. As we age, life’s traumas – physical and emotional – can alter brain functioning, moving us away from brain balance and harmony.

Brainwave Optimization is a non-invasive, drug-free technology that helps the brain calibrate its own functioning and move towards greater balance and harmony. When the brain is balanced it becomes sharper and more agile. The body feels re-energized and invigorated. A certain spring returns to the step and a twinkle to the eye. The senses are heightened and youthful passions are rekindled. Balance your brain, restore your life.

Actual Client Testimonials:

Sally - PhoenixOne adult son wrote us this about his mother, who had experienced some challenges after surgery: “After completing 10 sessions, my mother is ready to re-build the atrophied muscles in her leg, her sentence structure is complex and fluid, her humor has returned, and she can sleep through the night without waking dozens of times. She looks revitalized and younger, as if she’d lost 10 years. I am so thankful that my son and daughter, both under age three, will get to grow up knowing their grandmother as a vibrant, awakened person, full of energy and life. This just wasn’t going to happen before Brainwave Optimization.”

-Sally, Phoenix, Arizona

Kate - Las Vegas“As I approached my sixtieth birthday, I was filled with dread. My son bought me brain balancing sessions with Optimum Performance Technologies. With some skepticism, I participated in the Brainwave Optimization. I now look and feel 10 years younger. In fact, I am 10 years younger. I feel I have a new lease on life.” 

-Kate, Las Vegas, Nevada


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