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Stacey Lyn Master Level I

Optimize Me!

6900 SW Atlanta Street
Building 2, Suite 100
Portland, Oregon 97223
United States
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Optimize Me!

Portland, Oregon

Optimize Me! LLC is located in the "Tigard Triangle" where 217, I-5 and 99W come close to one another. Only minutes from downtown Portland, with easy access to main arteries, we are tucked into a wooded oasis on the OAE campus surrounded by a circle of towering evergreens. 

Stacey had been a chronic pain sufferer for 15 years as the result of a high-speed, roll-over car accident, and although many modalities provided one degree or another of relief, nothing changed the programming in her brain and body to actually turn off the constantly blinking light of chronic neck and shoulder pain before Brain State Technologies. Stacey has a varied background in psychology and business consulting which has resulted in a life-long quest to understand the brain and the mind-body connection and its roll in physical and mental/emotional health as well as spiritual growth. 

We have seen clients suffering from ADD/ADHD and chronic migraines to addictions and PTSD receive tremendous relief and benefit. Both children and adults, whole families, or individuals wanting to achieve emotional stability, physical comfort, mental clarity or spiritual depth and understanding have done so with this holistic, non-invasive way to restore right balance to your mind, your body, your spirit, your life.

The brain is designed to be self-regulating. This modality restores that ability and helps you get out of the contaminated feed-back loop of prescription drugs, old trauma responses, environmental contaminants, and the behaviors, symptoms, and conditions that your brain has established as “workarounds” for what's no longer working!

Help your brain catch up to the changes you want to make in your life!

*Independently owned and operated.