Who is Brain State Technologies?

Lee Gerdes: Founder Brain State Technolgies

A Message from Founder Lee Gerdes

People often ask how I came up with this simple yet powerful modality.

I wasn’t a doctor or even a brain researcher. I was a computer geek. Most of my life revolved around computer science, though my background did include a degree in theology and extensive work in psychology as well as math and physics.

As Vice President of Solutions for Net Perceptions in Minneapolis, I was consulting and designing software along with developing algorithms for marketing. The pressures were intense, the hours were long and in spite of our success, the demands were at times, overwhelming.

Assaulted by four youths wielding a baseball bat in 1992, I understood that I was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. To try to alleviate this condition, I sought out one healing modality after another. Though I went through a raft of treatments in addition to extensive psychotherapy, such treatments were only of limited help. Though to some degree they alleviated my physical condition, they were unable to affect the edge I was on all the time. Anyone could press my buttons and evoke a lightning-fast response – a response that was out of proportion to what was appropriate, and a huge waste of emotional energy.

Alongside my fascination with computer software development, I had a deep interest in science, especially quantum mechanics. The development of Brainwave Optimization was, in a way, an accident. Among the more helpful therapies I had tried were biofeedback and neurofeedback. Suddenly, it occurred to me how the insights of quantum mechanics, teamed with highly sophisticated computer technology, could enable an individual to go much farther.

It was then – in the year 2000 – I began  working on my own brain. After benefitting from the techniques for some weeks, I set it aside, never imagining it would someday help thousands of people.

My son began having problems during the usual rebellious stage of the teen years. Falling in with a tough crowd, he left school, experiencing some difficulties with a girlfriend, and was rapidly going downhill toward a dysfunctional life. I believed he could benefit from the sessions I had used on myself so I essentially bribed him to give it a try. The effect was stunning. He cleaned up his life, returned to school, and immediately made the dean’s list. Today, he is my primary partner, chief technology officer and advocate for a balanced brain.

Hence, in 2001 -- Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time BalancingTM and the company behind it, Brain State Technologies®  -- were launched.

Braintellect, LLC, is our partner company, focused on developing and marketing hardware and software to measure and optimize brainwaves.

Today, our companies operate a licensing model that has nearly 200 licensed providers in about 18 countries around the world.

The cost of an imbalanced brain – to individuals, their families and humanity – is undeniable. Loss of sleep, lost relationships, lost heath, lost love, loss of creativity, loss of life and loss of hope plague our world today. The brain’s ability to regain balance is the key to the world’s transformation into a peaceful and loving planet. When people begin to view the world through the lens of love rather than fear, the world itself becomes a better place. An optimized brain begins to see the potential for an optimized world. Humanity begins to reach for its limitless potential.

I invite you to join us.

Limitless You CoverLimitess You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain
By Lee Gerdes, founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies
  1. Lee Gerdes wrote Limitless You because he believes that people will be more compassionate and loving with one another when they understand that our brain drives our behavior -- and that traumas to the brain, body or emotion can negatively alter brain patterns, causing us to behave in ways we would rather not. For nearly nine years after a brutal assault, Lee felt hopelessly trapped in a world ruled by post-traumatic stress disorder. Deep inside, he knew that his angry behaviors were not in keeping with the person he really was. Drawing on what he knew as a computer scientist, he married various principles, leading him to the discovery of something new. Today, we call it Brainwave Optimization™ and because of its invention, thousands of people have embraced a new life of hope and happiness. Buy the book