Office Designation Rating

Brain State Technologies (BST) office ratings or designations have a simple and straightforward goal; to educate potential Brainwave Optimization™ clients on Provider offices worldwide.  The brain rating system (with 1 – 5 brains possible) works similar to that of a star rating system, with 1 brain being the lowest rating and 5 brains being the highest rating achievable.  You’ll also notice that some offices are rated with an NA or Not Applicable.  These are offices which are not yet rated as more information is needed to rate these offices accordingly.

The brain rating system aims to help potential clients decide which office/offices may best suit their needs.  Differently rated offices will likely vary in regards to the actual client experience; other factors will affect the client experience as well.

As an example, a provider with a single station out of a small physical location or a home office will likely not have a 5 brain rating, but rather a 1 – 3 brain rating.  These offices may be in smaller towns or provide a slightly more personable vs professional atmosphere for their clients.  Liken this to a bed and breakfast vs a 5 star resort, one may be more personable while the other may be more professional or luxurious.

The following is some additional information on how Brain State Technologies rates provider offices:

  • The Office Designation is optional for providers and is not required by Brain State Technologies.
  • Only providers in good standing with BST are eligible for the BST Office Designation.
  • BST Office Designations have three major components:
    • BST Technologist Certification Level – there is a minimum Masters level needed by a technologist in the provider office to be eligible for the next office level designation.
    • Client Satisfaction Surveys – anonymous client satisfaction surveys will be completed by office clients via an online survey tool provided by BST.  A scoring system has been put in place to appropriately weigh client satisfaction.
    • BST Audit – a member from Brain State Technologies will conduct an on-site visit of the office on an annual basis to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and client satisfaction of the provider office.

The matrix below represents the requirements needed for each Masters Level: