What is a Mobile Provider

Brain State Technologies® (BST) mobile provider locations are those licensed technologists who’ve chosen to acquire a Brainwave Optimization™ "mobile unit".  This mobile unit can easily be transported to clients, rather than having clients travel to static office location. 

The mobile unit utilizes a laptop computer, wireless keyboard/mouse, and protective carrying case to allow the provider to safely travel with the sensitive technology.  The ability to literally go to clients who may not be able to physically come into an office location is greatly advantageous for clients and service providers alike.  The mobile unit also allows licensed technologists to go to clients whose identity may be of a sensitive nature (i.e. professional athletes or celebrities) and those who want to take every precaution to ensure both their own privacy, and the privacy of their family unit. 

Traveling providers can also work with entire families in exotic or resort-like environments for those individuals who want to get away from their normal atmosphere and experience Brainwave Optimization in a more relaxed setting, with complimentary services close at hand. 

As an example a family of 4 may hire a mobile provider to come to their vacation home and perform Brainwave Optimization services on all 4 family members over the course of a week.  This allows the family to not only get their brains balanced together, but also to appreciate each other’s companionship in a relaxed vacation setting.  Family members may also have the opportunity to connect on their shared Brainwave Optimization experiences and enjoy each other’s company to a higher degree.

As a client considering the mobile service option, one should reflect upon the fact that additional expenses will likely be incurred.  It is common for mobile providers to charge for travel costs (air, hotel, car rental, mileage, per diem, etc) and a mobile premium.  Mobile premiums cover additional client revenue lost due to travel time and service inefficiencies.  Information on both our in home and in office client packages is available at http://www.brainstatetech.com/Client-Packages