Certification Levels

Brain State Technologies (BST) provides certification for the various levels of mastery of the process known as Brainwave Optimization™.  Certification levels are based on a variety of factors and are earned through a combination of experience, various forms of education and standardized testing, and an assessment of the practical application of the process by the certified individual.  Certification is not required but is highly recommended.  Our website provides a list of certified individuals at each provider office.

Certification levels vary from Technologist, Advanced Technologist, to Masters Levels 1 – 5.  Every certified individual has completed an intense basic certification course which consisted of either 3 weeks onsite or 4 weeks online and 7 days onsite in Scottsdale, AZ.  These levels of certification are earned over time and it is important to note that different providers, with different levels of certification, may tailor their office and process; favoring a specific type of client. 

As a potential client it is important to consider all offices and individuals in an area, not simply those who have higher levels of Masters Certification.  Below please find additional information regarding BST certification.

  • Individuals who have been educated by Brain State Technologies and have completed the Basic Certification course will be certified by Brain State Technologies as certified technologists.
  • Masters Level Certification has seven major components:
    • Previous Certification Level – certification levels will be earned on a consecutive basis with all requirements for each level being met prior to each consecutive level being earned.
    • Education Tracks – courses that consist of curriculum, assignments, and quizzes that are developed for the specific Master level the technologist is attempting to achieve.
    • Continuing Education Units – ongoing education courses that consist of webinars, materials, and quizzes designed to keep technologists up to date on best practices, technology, potential ways to market, etc.
    • Annual Masters Education – held once per year and is a combination of 4-8 presentations via live webinars, with accompanying materials and a Masters Education exam.
    • Session Hours – the total number of hours a technologist has run optimization sessions on clients over the lifetime of their certification.
    • BST Shadowing – annual requirement (for levels 3+) to ensure that the technologist has the knowledge of clients and client care, best practices, technology and equipment, and troubleshooting.
    • BST Residency – only required for the Master Level 5 certification; requirements will vary based on advancement of technology and practices of BST at that time.

The matrix below represents the requirements needed for each Masters Level: