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Introducing the BRAINtellect®2

Our new wearable technology helps the brain relax and rebalance itself. Our clients’ results have included:

  • Better sleep
  • Stress Relief
  • Improved memory & recall
  • Increased performance for work, athletics, learning and more.

AND, it’s effortless. Sit back, close your eyes and listen.

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Brainwave Optimization®

Relax Your Brain. Optimize Your Life. Learn more

Because Life Happens

Brainwave Optimization has helped over 122,000 people worldwide overcome physical and emotional challenges.

A safe, non-invasive tool to help individuals who wish to make a life change from the inside out.

Promotes Deep Relaxation

Through a process of deep relaxation, your brain’s activity can more fully relax and let go of stuck patterns allowing you to achieve a  states of wellness and wellbeing. Brainwave Optimization is a tool to catalyze this process.

Brain Rhythms Self-Optimize

When relaxed, your brainwave activity tends to reorganize and optimize itself to reclaim your limitless possibilities. No one can comprehend the complexity and uniqueness of your individual brain. Your own brain knows best what to do for itself.

Your Own Unique Process

It is your process. This wellness process is entirely up to you and your own unique brain. Due to stress and trauma we all can get stuck and block our own progress. Brainwave Optimization is like a rope waiting for you to grasp and climb your way out.. Everyone’s experience is completely unique and different.

Dynamic Flexibility

Since life happens, we have no right to expect that we can always be in balance. Like the weather, life events – and your brain – are always in a constant state of change. The key is to have the dynamic flexibility to deal with whatever comes your way and allow you to weather the storm.

By optimizing our brain,
we optimize our
entire life.

Lee Gerdes

CEO & Founder, Brain State Technologies

Uniquely, Brainwave Optimization supports one’s own brain to do its own work, in a way unlike any other approach that has come before.

Sung Lee, M.D., M.Sc., M.Phil

Director of Research, Brain State Technologies

What Is Brainwave Optimization?

Brainwave Optimization® is a computer-guided way to help you to achieve a uniquely deep state of relaxation, through the power of your own brain. A deeply relaxed brain may support a variety of goals for well-being, recovery, or performance optimization.

Brainwave Optimization acts as a catalyst to support the brain to optimize itself – to move itself naturally in its own way, its own time and on its own terms. Brainwave Optimization facilitates the brain to adjust its own brainwave activity, in order to balance and optimize itself.

The revolutionary Brainwave Optimization process is uniquely valuable in that it supports one’s own brain to do its own work, in a way unlike any other approach that has come before.

How is Brainwave Optimization Different?

Brainwave Optimization is based on advanced biometric data collection, or the measurement of an individual’s own unique biological signals.

Brainwave Optimization is different from other approaches in that it uses precision measurement devices and sophisticated algorithms to produce a high-resolution acoustic mirror of your brain’s activity in real time. Your brain frequencies are translated into sound frequencies that you listen to through headphones.

Brainwave Optimization’s advanced proprietary process converts this unique and complex data stream into a progression of music-like tones, providing a real-time reflection of one’s own brainwave activity.

Optimize Brainwave Rhythms

Brainwave Optimization is a revolutionary non-invasive neurotechnology that 
empowers the brain to balance its own brainwave activity in its own way and on its own terms because every person and every brain are unique.

Increase Dynamic Flexibility

Brainwave Optimization promotes deep relaxation, meditative calm, self-balancing and dynamic flexibility. The brain evolved at a time when nature changed little over thousands of years. Today, human life changes rapidly, thus dynamic flexibility is more important than ever.

Heal From The Inside-Out

Brainwave Optimization can help you reclaim your own innate wellness – from the inside out. Brainwave Optimization is not a medical device or therapy, and is not intended for diagnosis, treatment or cure of medical or psychological diseases or disorders.

Brain Wellness

Help your brain to help itself release stuck brainwave activity. Since the brain is the master controller of the body, when the brain is functioning more optimally, then your entire being will benefit.


Physical and/or emotional stress and trauma compromise and undermine our overall well-being and may cause the brain to get “stuck”. The brain is the master regulator and therefore is the key to mediate the effects of this stress on one’s body, its systems and overall well-being. Brainwave Optimization® helps the brain, help itself, to get “unstuck” and return to a state of optimal functioning.

Brainwave Optimization harnesses the power of advanced computing technology to create a high-definition Acoustic Brain Mirror™. This real-time reflection of brainwave activity generates a pattern of music-like tones, which supports and accelerates the brain’s ability to achieve deep states of relaxation where it can fully let go and reset itself. Trauma and chronic stress can overwhelm the brain – when the brain resets itself, it will self-optimize to improve well-being and return to a more highly capable state.

For example, if one cuts their finger, the healing process is driven by their own natural processes and resources. The capacity for this recovery is a basic property of all living things. Brainwave Optimization supports the brain’s own innate and natural ability to use its own resources to recover. The brain is like a musical instrument that has been knocked “out of tune” by trauma or ongoing stress. Brainwave Optimization helps the brain to “re-tune itself” like an instrument in the middle of an orchestral performance.

How Does It Work?

This process harnesses advanced computing technologies to create an “acoustic brain mirror” for your brain activity. Read-only, non-invasive sensors are placed on your scalp, and read your brain rhythms with great precision. Software translates this brainwave activity into sounds of different pitch and timing. These sounds are played back to you through earbuds, in real time. This self-reflection process supports the brain to bring itself to a deeply relaxed state. From this state, the brain tends to reorganize its own rhythms, on its own terms.

Who Is It For?

Brainwave Optimization is for individuals who wish to make a life change from the inside-out. It is for those who believe that they have inner resources that, if accessed, can provide them with a path that meets their own unique needs. It is not a treatment or therapy for medically defined disease or psychological disorders, and it is not a way to diagnose diseases or disorders. Trauma and chronic stress can lead the brain to become “stuck,” and individuals with such history are especially likely to benefit from gaining a deep state of relaxation. When the brain deeply relaxes and resets itself, it can self-optimize to improve health, wellness and well- being. It may also allow the recovery of overall functionality, including enhanced performance.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are produced through you and your own brain. The role of Brainwave Optimization is to facilitate a state of relaxation and flexibility of brain rhythms – from there you and your brain can produce greater well-being, enhanced performance and often other positive experiences that no one even predicts. Our clients commonly report better sleep, release of chronic stress or trauma, improvement in areas of cognitive difficulties or learning challenges, and reduced addictive personality tendencies.

Research Collaboration

Since 2011, the innovative approach developed by Brain State Technologies has been evaluated in research studies at Wake Forest School of Medicine, related to a variety of specific health objectives. This research has been supported by independent (non-commercial) sources, totaling over $2.5 million dollars, including grants from the Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation, Inc., the United States Department of Defense Special Operations Command and the United States Army Research Office. Further information on this research is available at

This research has resulted in peer-reviewed presentations accepted at 14 major academic and scientific conferences since 2012, and five published full-length manuscripts.


The Brainwave Optimization® process begins with an assessment to create a custom starting place for your unique brain. Most clients will begin with a series of four to seven two-hour sessions usually over a course of two to five days. This is called a Brainwave Optimization Foundation. Some clients may notice a shift within a few sessions. At the end of the week a client can see how their own brain has started moving itself towards a more flexible state. Frequently, some of the most meaningful benefits are experienced several weeks to months after sessions are completed.

Non-Invasive Sensors

Read-only, non-invasive sensors relay your brainwaves at extremely high-resolution to our proprietary computer software.

Acoustic Brain Mirror

Our advanced measurement devices and sophisticated software algorithms produce an acoustic mirror of your brain’s activity in real time.

Engineered Sound

The sounds were recorded by Grammy Award-winning artists, with engineered sound envelopes to enhance the resonant mirroring process.

Wave-Aid Support

We provide you with our patented Wave-Aid® process, with natural ambient sounds, to help the brain perpetuate and sustain your results.


Lee Gerdes is Founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies® LLC, which began conceptually in 2000 as he sought relief from his own traumatic experience. The company was formally incorporated in 2004.

Company leadership includes:

  • Founder & CEO, Lee Gerdes
  • Chief Financial Officer Russell Scholl
  • Director of Research, Sung Lee, M.D., M.Sc., M.Phil.
  • Director of Software Engineering, Paul Hastings
  • Senior Software Engineer; Russ Loucks
  • Director of Business Solutions, Duane Ford
  • Director of Hardware Engineering, Gil Smith
  • Director of Client Services, Sonya Crittenden

And a staff of specialists in electrical engineering, education, technical support, marketing and administration.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona in the Scottsdale Airpark technology hub, where both emerging and well known research and technology companies are booming. The Scottsdale facility includes a technology research and development center, an information technology management center, an education center and the only corporately owned Brainwave Optimization client service center.

Brain State Technologies supports an international network of providers with over 150 locations in 18 countries plus a number of privately operated licenses which are used only for family members. New providers are being added every month. Licensees receive all hardware, software and ongoing tech support services required to launch a certified operation. All licensees are fully connected to Brain State Technologies for both data synchronization and automatic reception of software updates.

Brain State Technologies has collaborated with Wake Forest School of Medicine Department of Neurology since 2011 to conduct research funded by independent third parties and has consulted with other leading educational research centers. The company was also awarded a grant (2014-2015) from the United States Army Research Office to develop technology for regulation of circadian rhythm for sleep and performance. Later that year, a retail version of the device, BRAINtellect® 2 (B-2) was successfully launched. BRAINtellect LLC is a subsidiary of Brain State Technologies.

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Licensing Opportunities

If you are a qualified individual, you may have the unique opportunity to license Brainwave Optimization for your own wellness based business. If your are interested in receiving more details, please call our main office at the number above and ask to speak with one of our Licensing Specialists.

Research Inquiries

If you are interested in more detailed research information, in conducting your own research with the Brainwave Optimization tool or have other unique opportunities, please contact our main office at at the number above and supply us with detailed information, so that we may route your inquiry to the appropriate person.